By Editor on 22 June 2016

When we go away on holiday, most of us just want to be to be covered for a relaxing snorkel or a round of golf on our travel insurance.

However, what if you're after a little bit more? We cover 150 sports and activities as standard, so if you're seeking a new challenge, we're the right insurer for you. Here's a small selection of just a few of the pursuits we cover. You can read the full list here, on page 3.

Gorilla trekking

Visit the forests of Rwanda, Uganda or their neighbouring countries for a once in a lifetime chance to see mountain or lowland gorillas in their natural habitat.

As if meeting a huge silverback gorilla and his brood wasn’t enough, you’ll experience the amazing biodiversity of the sub-tropical forest, plus, the cost of your tour usually contributes towards conservation programmes to protect the area you are visiting.

Gorilla trekking insurance

Tandem skydive*

If you suddenly get the urge to jump out of an aeroplane with just a bloke you met a only a few hours ago strapped to your back to save you from untimely doom, Columbus Direct have that covered too. All our policies include cover for one tandem skydive as standard.

Available in most countries, there are some great airfields to try in Switzerland, Portugal and further afield in Australia or over Victoria Falls in Zambia, with some breathtaking views on the way down.

It's worth remembering that you'll be covered for emergency medical expenses, including repatriation, but not for Personal Accident if you’re skydiving. Check whether this is available through your skydive school (as it would be in the UK), or through a specialist insurer.

Tandem skydive insurance cover

Llama trekking

This is not just for the wilds of Peru; you can try your hand at leading a llama through the rugged mountain landscape much closer to home than you think - in Cumbria, in fact. It's excellent for all the family during the school holidays, and arguably more thrilling than an excursion to a donkey sanctuary for the kids (age restrictions typically apply but over 8’s should be fine).

Baby llama

River bugging

A one-man version of white water rafting, you’ll be jettisoned downstream on a small inflatable raft, feet first to help you push off rocks and branches as you navigate the rapids – with all the necessary safety equipment, including helmet, buoyancy aid, wetsuit and flippers. Offered by many white water rafting centres, it’s something you can take part in both in the UK and abroad.

White water rafting

Shark diving (cage only)*

Avoid unwanted nibbles by diving in a shark cage and get up close and personal with these much-maligned beasts. Kings of the ocean for over a mind-boggling 420 million years, it’s time we gave them a break and learnt to love their toothy grins.

As top ocean predators, they play a vital role in the balance of delicate marine ecosystems and despite there being hundreds of species of shark, only 10 can be dangerous for humans.

For the big boys, such as the bull shark or great white, cage diving gives you unprecedented access to see them in their natural habitat – so why not test the waters on your next trip?

Cage diving cover

* No personal accident cover while you're doing this, but you'll be covered under all other sections within the terms of your policy - for Emergency Medical Expenses, for instance.

† No cover for Personal Liability while you're llama trekking or river bugging - please drive carefully!

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