By Vicky Anscombe on 08 April 2016

You’re off on holiday! Excellent news. You don’t need us to tell you that you’re going to have a fantastic time. The world is yours for the taking, and travel’s a great way to relax while you study. The trip’s bound to be fun, inspiring, and hugely exciting – especially if it’s your first time away.

Picture the scene; a few days before you come home, you’re looking for your passport. You search high and low – where on earth has the pesky thing got to? Luckily, with Columbus Direct holiday insurance on your side, you’ve got a dependable Plan B. If your passport’s gone AWOL, we can compensate you up to £500. So you’ve got time to sort out your travel arrangements, knowing we’re there to help with any additional costs.

There are plenty of other benefits we can offer you. Did you know that we’re also able to cover the cost of lost bags, and even spending money? How about FREE airport lounge access if your flight’s delayed? You deserve to travel with peace of mind, and we’re on hand to help you through any sticky situations.

We speak to thousands of students every year, and we’ve listed their most frequently-asked questions. Still looking for answers? You can always read our travel FAQ section. Alternatively, give our friendly customer care team a call on 0800 0680 060. They’ll be able to help.

Young woman in New York

How many sports and activities do you include as standard?

Ah, tremendous – you’re a thrillseeker! You can go crazy and indulge your love of adrenaline if you book with us. We cover over 150 activities as standard, including river tubing, gorilla trekking, bungee jumping, ostrich riding and zorbing. We even cover elephant riding, so you’ve no excuse to miss out on any adventures!

Please contact us if you’re planning on doing extreme sports, such as mountain biking. There’s an excellent chance we’ll be able to insure you. For peace of mind, we recommend that you and your parents should go through your policy together.

What about skiing and snowboarding insurance?

That’s totally fine. We’re happy to provide winter sports holiday insurance. You can include cover for skiing and snowboarding for a small additional cost – just add it as a bolt-on when buying your policy online.

I’ll be staying in a hostel. Will my valuables be insured?

We’d advise you to keep anything valuable, such as gadgets, in a locked safe or safety deposit box. This will ensure that you’re covered if they go walkies.

What about if I lose my mobile, or it’s stolen?

Mobile phones aren’t automatically included on our policies. Just make sure that you add our gadget bolt-on when you’re booking with us.

This is a great addition to your policy. It’ll cover laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones and other gadgets, with up to £1,000 cover.

Students having fun in the sun

Can you compensate me if I miss my flight?

Train delays, traffic jams, vehicle prangs and motorway incidents can happen – but it’s OK. We’re willing to cover you if you are held up on your way to your departure airport in the UK, or for your journey back to the UK.

What about if my bags are missing after a flight?

We’ve all been there – but you’ve got a secret weapon! Your baggage and belongings will be covered if lost, stolen or delayed, up to £2,500.

Is there a minimum and maximum age for students?

There is no maximum age for students. If you’d like to buy protection with us online, you must be 18 or over. If you’re under 18, just speak to our customer service team – they’ll be happy to help.

Are you able to fly one of my parents out if I need them due to illness or an accident?

Of course – we know how much a friendly face means when you need support! Your insurance will cover one person to fly out to you while you recover. If you miss your original flight home, we’ll book new flights home for you both.

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