By Vicky Anscombe on 02 March 2016

We believe that the world is yours for the taking, and travel’s a great way to relax while you study. Your time off is important, and feeling secure and confident about your travel insurance will help you get off to the best start.

Students and their parents often have many questions about their policy; we’ve outlined some answers below. Don’t forget that if you have any queries, our friendly customer services team can put your mind at rest. You can call them on 0800 0680 060; they’ll be happy to help with any question you have.

How many sports and activities do you cover as standard?

We cover over 150 activities as standard, including river tubing, gorilla trekking, scuba diving, ostrich riding and zorbing. We even cover shark diving in a cage, so you’ve no excuse to miss out on any adventures! It’s worth remembering there might be restrictions on your cover; for example, horse riding will be limited to a maximum of 7 days cover and doesn’t cover jumping or hunting.

If an activity you’d like to do isn’t automatically covered, please give us a call - we may be able to insure you. You and your parents should go through your policy wording before you leave so you can check which activities are automatically covered.

What about skiing and snowboarding cover?

We’re happy to provide winter sports holiday insurance. You can include cover for skiing and snowboarding for a small fee – just add it as a bolt on when buying your policy online. If you’d like to add it after you’ve bought the policy, you will have to call our customer service team to arrange this (the number is listed above).

Travelling as a student

I’ll be staying in a hostel. Will my valuables be insured?

Valuables will only be covered if you are in the room with them, or if they are in a locked safe or safety deposit box.

Can you cover me if I miss my flight?

We provide cover for missed flights if you are delayed on your way to your departure airport in the UK for your first outbound flight, or for your journey back to the UK. We will cover the cost of getting you to your booked destination if you are delayed due to public transport. We will also arrange alternative flights for you if the vehicle you’re in breaks down, is involved in an accident or there is a major incident on a motorway.

What about if my bags are missing after a flight?

Different policies offer varying compensation for bag loss, and the total limit may include valuable items such as jewellery and cameras. We recommend you read your policy schedule to find out how much you can claim for. When you get a quote online, you can view the amount you can claim for lost bags in the summary of benefits shown under the quoted price.

I’ve lost my passport. Can you help?

If you passport is lost or stolen, you may be covered for the cost of an emergency replacement passport, and any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses you may have to pay. Make sure that you keep all extra receipts for any additional costs.

What about if I lose my mobile, or it gets stolen?

Mobile phones are not covered as standard on any of our policies - but we’re able to insure all of your gadgets separately. You can cover your phone by adding our gadget bolt-on to your policy for a small fee. This will cover your laptop, tablet computer, mobile phone and other gadgets, with up to £1,000 cover available in case of theft, damage or loss.

Please note - this benefit is per policy and not per person.

Can I add friends to my policy?

You can add friends to your policy, although we do not offer a group discount. Please call our customer service team for more information.

Is there a minimum and maximum age for students?

You can only purchase insurance online if you are aged 18 and over. For students under 18, we can arrange cover via our customer service team. There is no maximum age for students.

Are you able to fly my parents out if I need them due to illness or an accident?

Yes. If you are injured or fall ill while you’re away, your insurance policy will cover for 1 person to travel out to be with you.

If I miss my flight home due to being poorly, will you arrange a new one?

Yes, we can. If you’ve been admitted to hospital, then you should already be in contact with our 24 hour assistance team. They’ll help you get home safely, and book you onto a new return flight if you missed your original one.

If you need to extend your trip as a result of being poorly, your insurance will also cover the cost of any additional accommodation. The policy will also automatically extend until you are fit to return home.

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