By Vicky Anscombe on 29 February 2016

What else is out there for winter sports fans?

If you’re a massive sports fan and you dream of hitting the slopes all year round, there are always new and interesting ways of feeding your passion. From snowbombing in Austria to watching the stars hit the slopes in London, the ski and snowboarding world is constantly reinventing itself, year after year.

How can I keep myself safe on the slopes?

Of course, anything that’s as adrenaline-packed as skiing carries its own set of risks - but we don’t believe you should be spending your holiday worrying. Columbus Direct winter sports insurance is specially designed to accommodate skiers and snowboarders, so you can rely on us to take care of you if your plans change. 

Our brand ambassador speaks out...

Our brand mascot, Chemmy Alcott, is a massive fan of ski and snowboarding festivals, and we were lucky enough to hang out with her at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show 2015. “I loved interviewing Aimee Fuller, Rowan Cheshire and Lloyd Wallace last year,” she says. “The atmosphere was incredible - so many people just hanging out, enjoying some food or a beer and browsing the stalls. It was definitely a great day out.”

Chemmy Alcott

5 excellent reasons to book your ticket and jet off...

If you’re still not convinced by the idea of a ski and snowboarding festival, we’ve come up with ten reasons why you should definitely give at least one of them a go:

1) You’ll meet like-minded people who love what you love - and it’s a brilliant opportunity to make new friends and potentially find new buddies to hit the slopes with. These shows are especially handy if your friends aren’t keen on skiing or snowboarding, and you’re looking for people who share your passion.

2) They’re a great opportunity to travel. From London to Austria, and France to China, there are so many locations for you to combine your love of travel with your skiing and snowboarding.

3) They’re not expensive. The London Ski and Snowboarding Show early bird tickets are normally around £10, and entry to Top of the Mountain festival, which is in Austria, varies. Admission is normally free with a valid lift pass.

 4) You’ll be able to find the newest, coolest winter sports gadgets and share them with your family and friends just in time for *cough* Christmas, or an upcoming birthday. Plus, there are some great shopping opportunities, and you’ll find all the brands that you love under one roof.

5) You’ll get to enjoy some excellent live music and enjoy as many mulled wines as you can stomach. Some festivals are essentially a week-long apres-ski - what’s not to love?

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