By Vicky Anscombe on 26 February 2015

Let's be honest - most of us feel like we could do with a holiday all of the time. 

However, there are certain tell-tale signs that you're nearing the end of your tether and modern life is getting on top of you - and that's when you should begin looking at flights, fast.

You become unbearable on social media. A few months ago you were liking your friends' Facebook holiday snaps and warmly wishing them a safe flight. These days, you're a master of passive aggression and nobody is safe. "Wow, checking into Gatwick is so hot right now," you might say. "So #stoked for you all. Don't forget to post an airport selfie because, let's face it, we all care about your weekend in Venice." If you find yourself doing this, beware.

You're letting things slide at work. You love your job, but recently you've been quiet in meetings and you're starting to get a bit fed up with the odd bout of weekend work, which you never used to mind. Even your boss, who can normally cheer you up with a takeaway and a beer when you're pulling a late one, has noticed your sour face. Quick - book that break before you start alienating everyone!

You have an obsession with a certain country. Your internet search history reads like thus: 'Rome best cheap hotels', 'Best time to visit Rome', 'Rome cheap flights and holidays' and 'Rome best restaurants'.

You're wondering what to do with all your leave. You were flat-out last year, and suddenly, you've got weeks of holiday to take. However, you're getting a bit bored with the idea of taking Friday and Monday off - you feel like you need something more. As in, two weeks more. And getting out of the UK.

You start sneering at the idea of as staycation. A few months ago, a staycation sounded quite good - and very reasonable. 'I can take a break, and be back in the office for Monday,' was the previous party line. These days, you're more likely to pour scorn on a UK-based break. 'I'm not going to the Lake District, as it's boring,' was uttered over dinner a few nights ago. Sound familiar?

Your kids are obviously as shattered as you are. Even your unstoppable bundles of energy are looking a bit lacklustre on Friday nights now, and sleeping in longer at the weekends. Children are an excellent litmus test - if they're looking tired, there's a good chance you're exhausted.

You fantasise about a real tan. There's a bottle of something new in the bathroom that promises a 'rich, golden, even glow'. So far, you've used it on your legs, and you look like you haven't washed in a week. Secretly, you want the real thing, and this is a poor substitute.

You can't watch TV shows that feature holidays. The minute you find a travel programme on the TV, you have to turn it over. It's just too painful. Your jealousy eats you up, and then you spend the rest of the evening feeling bitter and resentful.

You're craving a new culture. British day-to-day life seems stifling and boring; where's the flair, and the excitement? Even if you live in a major British city, it's lost its allure as you know it so well. Your everyday walk over London Bridge, normally something you look forward to, has become pitifully predictable.

You can't remember when you last left the country. Was it last year? Or the year before? Surely you must have been away since that trip to Corfu in 2013? Here's the test - if you can't remember within ten seconds when you last left the country or your last proper holiday was over a year ago, you're well overdue a break.

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