By Dale Western on 06 October 2014

When Patricia Al accidentally downloaded two episodes of My Family when on holiday in Turkey, the only thing she should have worried about was wasting an hour of her life watching the dullest sitcom ever made.

However, she was in for a shock when she returned to the UK, as she discovered that she'd been charged £12,500 for downloading the episodes.

According to the Digital Spy, the 23-year-old was downloading My Family to her laptop, using the hotel's WiFi. However, the WiFi cut out and Ms Al's mobile phone automatically took over the download.

She was charged around £5,000 for each episode, and was billed over £2,500 for other data bundles she used while on holiday.

Speaking to ITV, Ms Al revealed her shock at the bill.

"I had no idea what had happened until I got a message from O2 on my last day of my holiday, saying my phone may have been stolen, because my bill was so large. I had a look online at my bill, and I couldn't believe my eyes - it was more than £12,000," she said.

O2 claims it contacted her to let her know her bill had reached £5701.86 on the day she accidentally downloaded the first episode, and they have reduced her bill by nearly £7k.

To find out how you can avoid heavy fines abroad, check out Ofcom's website, or the BBC Consumer website.

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