By Ferdi Burger on 27 October 2014

Boot fit is vital, whether you're new to skiing, or a pro like Chemmy.

Although it can be better to rent skis when you get to the mountain as you're saving on baggage costs and getting the best skis for the conditions, if you ski regularly, you may want to consider bringing your own ski boots on holiday.

We spoke to Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott about ski boots, and she talked us through the differences between between beginner, intermediate and advanced boots. have a few video tutorials to help beginners select the correct size ski boot, how to put on a boot, and how boots should fit and feel.

If you have some experience but you're not sure which ability category you fit into, Snow+Rock have an online guide that goes through ten levels of performance to help you fit yourself into three ability categories.

Finally, get pumped for your ski holiday. Watch this GoPro video of an avalanche cliff jump with Matthias Giraud.


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