By Ferdi Burger on 06 December 2013

Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Everland - it's all for kids, right? Well that's where you're plain wrong. Theme park resorts are designed to be fun, thrilling and entertaining for people of all ages, which means any adult has every right to enjoy a rollercoaster ride or an encounter with Mickey Mouse if they want to.

While they might not spring to mind as the first places to go without kids, theme parks are great for people that simply can't sit still on their holidays. They're ideal for those who like to leave their hotel at the earliest possible opportunity in search of things to do. Fortunately there is no shortage of activities to enjoy at theme parks, where the next exhilarating experience is never more than a short walk away.

The question still remains: can adults really connect with theme parks with their kids at home? Well, why not look at the evidence and decide for yourself?


Theme park rides are just for kids? Well, have you ever boarded a rocket ship on a high-flying adventure into deep space? This is the background to one of Disneyland's most popular offerings, Space Mountain, which is arguably more suited to adults than children. It's fast, frightening and never fails to get the pulses racing.

If any child is man enough to take on rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (yes, it really is as scary as it sounds), they must be made of pretty strong stuff.

Being of age

If you're over the age of 21 then you're guaranteed at least one exclusive that kids can't get their paws on - alcohol. Many people think you have to go outside of parks to enjoy a tipple of your choice. This simply isn't the case, as there are huge selections of drinks around the Downtown Disney district and many of the park's hotels.

You can always find a good time at House of Blues, ESPNzone and Trader Sam's, but don't go overboard if you're planning a tour of the rides mere hours later - your stomach will not appreciate it.

Let loose

Everyone wishes they could be back at school for just a few days. That feeling of innocence; skipping along without a worry in the world. What better way to wake your inner-child than a visit to a theme park? Go take a picture with Goofy, eat copious amounts of pizza and sing along to It's a Small World. You're allowed to be childish once in a while!

Other offerings

Many theme parks offer more than just rides. Disneyland Park houses plenty of restaurants, bars and shops for you to enjoy on the days when you don't feel like being hoisted 40ft in the air. Head for Main Street and you won't go far wrong on your day off.


Time for some sage advice - if your trip is an an adults-only affair, it really does pay to organise your visit outside of the school holidays to avoid queuing behind hundreds of children for a go on the next ride. These vary between countries but you'll be able to find gaps where the kids are kept away. Do this and you'll be as close to being child-free as you can get.

Photo Credit: flickr

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