By Editor on 22 October 2014

Behold - it is the summertime; typically, a time when families head abroad together for a week of fun in the sun.

However, it's clear that not everyone is intent on playing happy families; a new study commissioned by Momondo which interviewed 1,000 Brits has found that just 3% preferred to travel with their parents-in-law.

More women than men had an issue with travelling with the in-laws, and the study showed that most Brits would rather travel alone than hang out with their partner's parents

However, women led the way when it came to travelling with their own parents - 18% of the ladies would be happy to take a trip with mum and dad. Just 7% of men would be prepared to holiday with their parents - how ungrateful!

Unsurprisingly, 64% of Brits preferred to travel with their partner, and as a rule, Brits were happy to travel with their kids. However, women seemed to prefer the company of their offspring, as only 40% of men wanted to go abroad with their little darlings.

Momondo have come up with a mini survival guide for travelling with the family. We think it's essential reading.

Manage expectations: When travelling with kids, everything usually takes a bit longer than anticipated. Make sure to leave a little longer time planned for each activity, and you may even find that you have some spare time at the end of the day. Imagine that!

Make clear arrangements with your partner: If you need space, ask for it - but ensure that you're always pulling your weight. If you're travelling with your children, make sure that you're not always the one taking care of them, and that you both have equal time for yourselves without the hassle of childcare.

Improve your airport experience: During peak periods, such as school holidays, half term and Christmas, many airports open a special 'family lane' at security checkpoints. It tends to be reserved for parents and children, so take advantage of it, and the extra time it will allow you in Duty Free.

Stay central: Finding an apartment in the middle of nowhere might sound very romantic, but if you've got a family in tow, don't risk it. By keeping in the thick of things you'll keep your transport costs down, and you can ensure you're always close to home if people get tired or need naps. That goes for you and the kids, of course.

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