By Vicky Anscombe on 27 June 2016

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Star Trek competition (fancy winning a four-night break in Florida, anyone?), we decided to take a closer look at the Enterprise’s intergalactic travel plans.

Put simply, how we could tailor our insurance to protect Captain Kirk from all manner of interspace issues? We decided to put our travel coverage to the test, and discover the cost of insuring a 32-year-old man on a 5 year space voyage with a gold policy - including gadget, asteroid and Klingon hijack cover. Phew!

As you all know, we cover four sections of the world - the UK, Europe, Worldwide and Worldwide (excluding US travel). To really get inside the mind of Kirk and co., we divided the galaxy into four quadrants - Gamma, Delta, Beta and Alpha.

Like on our Earth, some of the ‘riskier’ areas would cost more to insure - but as any Trekkie knows, money’s got no meaning. The crew deal in Federation Credits - which are worth around 63p.

So, a trip to the Alpha Quadrant will set you back 67 Federation Credits. However, if the crew journeyed to the Delta or Gamma Quadrants, home of the dangerous Dominion and the belligerent Borg, that increases the cost slightly.

Of course, gadget cover, protecting pets and ash cloud delays become a little bit trickier when you’re exploring outer space. Trekkies will be pleased to hear that we’ve modified our policies to make them more suitable for space. So, how have we modified our classic coverage to ensure the crew would be fully-insured?

star trek insurance costs

Medical expenses and pre-existing conditions:

In space, your healthcare needs may change. That’s why we’ve altered our policy to include daily sickbay benefit, diagnostic biobed expenses, hypospray and medical tricorder fees.

Missed excursions:

We’ve taken missed trips to the next level. How about cover for any cancelled missions to Class M planets? If you’re heading to Vulcan, Cardassia Prime, Bajor, Betazed, Romulus, Ferenginar, Qo'noS or Nibiru, this would come in very handy...

Personal belongings and gadget cover:

Kirk and his crew will need to insure their uniform, communicators, phasers, tricorders, combadges and holographic cameras. Crikey. It’s all good, though - we can help with the cost of missing personal items!

Lost and stolen currency:

Pounds and Euros be gone - if you need to safeguard your Federation Credits, come to Columbus Direct.

Ash cloud delays:

Ash isn’t a major problem in space - it turns to dust, and starfleets can negotiate it easily enough. Asteroids, though? That’s a different matter. Luckily, we’re prepared to help with any delays incurred as a result of asteroid storms.

Starship failure:

Don’t worry, Captain Kirk - if your fleet malfunctions or there’s a hull breach, we’ll make sure you can carry on your adventures in a top-notch Galaxy-class ship.

Hijack by Klingons:

It goes without saying that your chances of getting hijacked are very, very small. However, if any Klingons try any funny business, we’ll be on hand to pay a daily ‘inconvenience’ fee.

Tribble care fees:

We can cover the cost of tribble care while the crew are away, and include any jabs they might need if they join you on your voyage. Aww.

Holodeck lounge benefit:

This takes our complimentary airport lounge access to the next level. If your journey’s delayed, you’ll get FREE access to the holodeck lounge, and replicator privileges. How’s that for interplanetary luxury?

If you’re planning on going boldly where you’ve never been before, you can count on Columbus Direct’s travel insurance to keep you and your family safe. You’ll get FREE*airport lounge access if your flight’s delayed, up to £15m cover for medical expenses, and 150 sports and activities are covered for FREE. Live long and prosper – and let us take care of you while you’re away!

*Free Airport lounge access if available if your flight is delayed by two hours or more

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