By Dale Western on 12 August 2013

An exceptional nightlife is one of the reasons why Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. The Catalan capital is home to a variety of establishments to suit any evening; from avant-garde superclubs to underground parties, Barcelona boasts a lively and colourful scene.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona's beaches and enviable climate make the city a hot destination for Brits looking to mix up their clubbing routine. Many clubs open when the sun goes down and don't close until the sun is up, providing all-night after-dark entertainment to clubbers looking to dance the night away.

After booking and packing all the essentials - flights, travel insurance, hotels and summer clothes - and landing in the city, holidaymakers looking to start their night on the right foot should head to Las Ramblas, a street that is popular with tourists and locals alike. The street provides a plethora of options for clubbers looking to combine a cold beer with a plate of tapas, driving home the authentic Spanish experience. Las Ramblas is definitely a place to start the night as many establishments tend to close their doors relatively early in the evening.

Those looking to continue their evening should head to Maremagnum, a water-front shopping district that turns into a party capital come dusk. If you're looking for mainstream pubs, bars, salsa clubs and nightclubs, Maremagnum easily caters to your needs.

While exploring the best spots Barcelona has to offer is an exciting adventure, it is always worth keeping an eye out for opportunistic thieves looking to spoil your night. Unfortunately, pick pocketing and bag snatching is a problem in Barcelona so revellers should make sure no valuables are on show and proceed with caution when mixing with big crowds on rail stations and the metro.

Two of the best

While there are many nightlife spots in Barcelona, there are a number of specific venues that simply have to be seen to be believed.

Opium Mar, an exclusive club located on the beach, operates as a fine restaurant during the day but turns into one of Barcelona's elite clubs as soon as the sun sets. Home to a number of superstar DJs, Opium Mar is the perfect place for clubbers looking to dance from dusk til dawn. Then, when the club closes at 6am, revellers can spill out onto the beach to watch the sun rise. Unforgettable, wouldn't you agree?

If a bar ON the beach sounds more like your scene then Mac Arena Mar Beach Club could be the venue for you. The free club comes complete with beds, awnings and a food-menu to keep revellers fresh. In terms of music, the beach club is home to a number of label showcases (Mobilee, Kompakt) and delivers some of the finest house and techno around.

There are many, many more establishments that populate the city, contributing to Barcelona's elite nightlife status. Those looking to dance until the sun rises or air-guitar with their favourite rock band are able to do so in one of Europe's most popular cities, so what are you waiting for?

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