By Vicky Anscombe on 13 July 2015

We all thought that travel accessories hit a new low when the Knee Defender was released - but it looks like that was only the beginning of the spate of accessories designed to make travel even more tedious.

(Just in case you'd forgotten about the Knee Defender, you can read all about the most passive-aggressive travel gadget here.)

Our curiosity piqued, we've scoured the internet to find the very worst travel gadgets. Here are some travel accessories which may induce toe-curling embarrassment.

1. Shewee Extreme

Our first question - what happened to the original Shewee? Why does this one have to be 'extreme'? And why has it been designed in fuscia pink - was the original model a little too subtle? Well, this model comes with a longer 'outlet pipe' and a carry case; great if you're skiing, hiking or wearing bulky clothes on your travels. Probably not the most outrageous travel accessory out there; still, whatever happened to going to the toilet without using devices?

Get the Shewee Extreme here.


2. The B-tourist

If you hate travel and other people, the B-tourist is the travel device for you. Looping neatly around the seat in front, this anti-social device enables the user to have some privacy - if, by privacy, having just your head hidden from view is enough. The elasticated horror was designed by graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel; we're guessing they're all pretty bad travellers. However, it's not a totally nutty device; it also doubles as a pillow, and will give you a bit of privacy if you're eating, or on the phone. We're still not convinced, though.

Learn more about the B-tourist device here.


3. The seatback travel organiser

How much stuff do you need for a flight? We're guessing water, book, hand sanitiser and maybe your phone? For those of you who need all their hand luggage clearly displayed and directly in front of them, there is the seatback organiser. Never again will you worry that your umbrella, fifteen paperbacks and sun tan lotion isn't where it should be; with the seatback organiser, everything's on display, and easily accessible. 

Get your seatback organiser here.

4. The Trayguard

Maybe you hate pesky germs more than you hate people? Not to worry - the Trayguard is here to help! It's a sheet that you spread over your tray table to protect you (and your food) from germs, thereby reducing your chances of illness but making you look like a bit of a hypochondriac in the meantime. It's 'food contact safe' and chemical free, and 'creates an instant hygienic surface while travelling'. Just show us where to sign up.

Get your Trayguard here.


5. Hands free lights

If the overhead light above your plane seat isn't quite cutting the mustard, you'll need to provide your own light. No, we don't mean getting your phone out and faffing around with the torch setting - what you want is a wearable illuminating device! The cleverly-named 'Beam n Read' will ensure that you blind your neighbours while causally reading the latest Stephen King novel. Win-win, surely?

Get your Beam n Read here.

Beam n Read

6. The duvet suit

In today's modern world, we're all pushed for time. Sometimes it's just hard to find the time to slip into something more comfortable - especially on a flight. That's where the duvet suit comes in. These super-padded pjs are designed to keep you warm and comfy on flights, and they come in carry bags which can be used as a hood and a pillow. Whatever happened to getting changed in the plane toilet? That's what we want to know.

Order your duvet suit here.

Duvet suit

7. Flip flop socks

Who needs a pedicure when you can keep your socks on, even as you parade around in your new flip flops? We're struggling to think of when these would be appropriate; maybe after you land in the UK and the temperatures drop, but you don't want to take your flip flops off? The mind boggles. Either way, if you have a pair of these and you were them with your flip flops, please get in touch. We're very keen to know more.

Purchase your flip flop socks here.

Flip flop socks

Image credits: All images of the B-tourist courtesy of Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka/Designboom. Other images: Taken from Facebook and Flickr, with thanks to tempest tea

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