By Dale Western on 08 December 2014

The Met Office has warned that the UK could be hit by severe gales on Wednesday and Thursday, which could cause travel delays, cancellations, and potentially power cuts.

'Raw' gale force winds, snow and ice are expected to batter the UK, and it's even been suggested that coastal areas could be affected by flooding.

Speaking to The Telegraph, forecaster Calum MacColl said that this week will see the UK suffer the 'first notable north-westerly blast of the year'.

Temperatures could drop as low as -5C tonight in central and eastern areas, and Tuesday will be wet and windy, with plenty of frost.

The weather warning for wind is in place for Wednesday and overnight into Thursday.

Gusts as strong as 70mph and freezing showers are expected to hit North Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Mr MacColl suggested that people should stay aware of the latest weather forecasts and said that the weather is likely to be 'squally', with strong winds.

Coastal areas could experience flooding as high winds can cause waves to break over the top of sea walls and coastal defences.

The Met Office said: "The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel and perhaps also power supplies."

The disruptive winds and freezing conditions may cause delays, so if you're travelling, we advise that you:

  • Check with your airline before you leave that your flight is still scheduled and there are no delays
  • Leave extra time for your journey to the airport and bring a warm coat, water and snacks
  • Take care when driving in treacherous conditions
  • Check that your car is road-worthy; check tyres are properly inflated, oil and water levels are correct and that all your lights are working
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged before you travel and you are a member of a roadside assistance programme

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