By Ferdi Burger on 26 November 2014

Your ski trip is finally booked, and now the countdown begins. Get in.

However, do you know what should you pack to ensure you stay toasty and dry all day long?

Here's our handy guide to making sure you don't forget any essentials for your ski holiday of a lifetime. Over to you, Chemmy...


When it comes to packing, of course there are the essentials: a valid passport and travel documents. It is critical that you procure specialist insurance to cover you on the slopes, and you will want to print these documents out.

It is also a good idea to bring additional passport-sized photographs for lift passes. Sometimes this is not necessary but it is always best to be prepared.

As for clothes, the key to a comfortable ski trip is to think layers. That way, you can warm up and cool down as is required. If you haven't already, invest in a good ski jacket. It will last years and will become your best friend on and off the slopes. Also remember to pack a hat, gloves, your goggles and sunglasses. Sun cream and lip block are usually necessary. The sun reflects off the snow and can cause severe burns, so a high factor is strongly recommended.

You may also need thermals, if you are heading somewhere very cold it is a good idea to pack as many ski socks as you can fit. There is nothing worse than wet feet! Remember there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes.

Take a small backpack which you can easily roll up and shove in your backpack or pocket. This is great for sticking supplies in for when you are on the slopes.

Get fit:

You can begin preparing for your trip well in advance. Whether this is your first trip or you are seasoned pro, it is a great idea to do plenty of exercise in the lead up to your holiday.

You will enjoy the runs a lot more if you are physically prepared and you will also progress faster.

Slope supplies:

It's a good idea to take a few essentials with you on the slope - don't forget a screwdriver (for ski repairs), sun cream, a water bottle, spare goggles and a few snacks.

If you are bringing your own skis, you will want to inform your airline of this ahead of time. There is usually an additional charge and the last thing you want is your precious equipment being confiscated at the airport.

If this is your first trip, it is generally recommended that you hire equipment. While you will always hear horror stories of hire equipment being uncomfortable, smelly, bent and dull, most resorts tend to offer excellent, well-maintained gear these days, and the cost is usually lower than the price of getting your skis onto the plane.

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