By Dale Western on 07 October 2011

A culmination of two months of heavy monsoon rain has claimed the lives of over 200 people in Thailand.

Since mid-July heavy rains have now affected 58 of Thailand’s 78 provinces – 25 being badly hit.

Farmers land has been submerged and rivers at breaking point, with more heavy rains forecast from now until the first week of November, according to said independent flood expert Royal Chitradon, the director of Thai Integrated Water Resource Management.

A Buddhist temple in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, which is a World Heritage Site, is under severe threat from flooding, whilst officials are struggling to drain water from one of the city’s best known temples Wat Chaiwatthanaram, after a makeshift dyke on the Chao Phraya river was breached.

The flooding has affected more than two million people so far but has avoided the capitol of Bangkok until now, but is under threat from the looming Tropical Strom Nalgae which is expected to bring more rain in the next few days.

Further to the recent Floods in Thailand, please note that Travel Delay and Abandonment is covered as a result of adverse weather conditions as well as Missed Departure as per the normal terms and conditions.

Under Missed Departure, we would advise customers to try to get to the airport on their return journey, however, we will consider claims up to the limits of Missed Departure for claims due to public transport delay / own car, or roads being blocked / flooded in order to book a new flight home. The insured must be in the affected area of flooding and news reports must be checked for areas affected.

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