By Emma Trill on 17 October 2017

Heading for a week away in the ski season, and are totally unprepared for the physicality of a week of full on skiing, followed by long hours of après-ski? We’re here to help with some handy tips and advice on how to stay fresh all week long.

Get the right gear -
Being warm, dry and comfortable will obviously help you towards a happier trip. Winter gear you’d usually wear in the UK probably won’t cut the mustard up in the mountains. You’ll need warm and waterproof gear, but it needs to be breathable to keep air flowing through while you’re on the slopes. Getting the basics right will help you to have a comfortable and enjoyable days skiing

Keep your energy up -
Being active all day will take its toll on you eventually. Be sure to have a big hearty breakfast before you hit the slopes in the morning, and bring snack bars or energy bars with you to eat while you’re on the chair lifts between runs. It’s important to eat lunch too, and with all the cafes and restaurants available on the slopes, you’ll definitely find something to keep you going

Stay hydrated –
Whether you'll be hitting the bars for happy hour or not, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated during the day. Your body will dehydrate faster at higher altitudes, not to mention the amount you will sweat - so keep those H2O levels up!

Know your limits –
This goes for when you’re on the piste, and getting…piste! You don’t want to ruin the next day’s skiing by going over the top at a happy hour the night before. Be sure to know your limits, a hangover will affect your judgement, and your hydration. Lack of hydration and strenuous activity can lead to injury, so think about it before you order that next pint

Lock your gear away -
No one wants to be attacked by a pair of falling skis, so lock your gear away before you go to a bar. If you’re visiting a ski in/ski out bar, make use of the ski racks that are available – but make sure you remember where your skis are, there’s nothing worse than taking someone else’s skis, and wondering why your boots won’t go in the bindings!

Be covered -
Skiing is one of the most dangerous activities you could participate in, so why would you travel without the necessary cover? Columbus Direct offers a great winter package, which covers a lot of extra winter sports, as well as cover for all your expensive equipment! Our winter sports insurance lets you ski or snowboard with confidence, knowing you’re covered if you do take a tumble on or off the slopes – and you could save up to 10% when you buy today!

Now you’re all set to hit the bars, make friends, laugh, chill and most of all, enjoy yourself! Cheers!


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