By Ferdi Burger on 29 August 2013

Primary School Teacher Danni Didcock is our ‘Happy to Go There’ Competition Winner!

We’re very pleased to announce that kissing a frog might just win you an iPad, well it did for Teacher Danni.

While on holiday in Miami, Danni and her fiancée booked a tour of the Everglades on an airboat. Looking for alligators they ended up at Gator Park for an animal show.  Danni says, “The host was hilarious, perhaps because he sounded like Kermit the Frog! He took out a variety of animals; scorpions, parrots, alligators. . .but nothing else compared to the toad.”

Nick, Danni’s fiancée, was by her side taking plenty of pictures when the animal wrangler pulled him out of the crowd. Not saying why, he was preparing a set-up.

While creeping with the frog in his hands, closer and closer to Danni, he started telling the story of the Princess and the Frog and before Danni knew it she was staring right into the beady eyes of a toad. With Nick and the whole crowd looking on there was only one way to get through this moment.

“I heard the word ‘prince’ and of course, the only way to turn a frog, or in this case a toad, into a prince is with a kiss from a princess! So, with the audience waiting, the camera ready, and my lips puckered, I planted a big smacker on the toad’s lips. He didn’t turn into a prince but the moment was captured by my own prince!”

We’re sure Nick wasn’t too jealous that day, but he just might be now she has a shiny new iPad to take with her to school after the holidays.

Thanks Danni and Nick for the photo, it’s great to see you getting into your adventure holiday, no matter what!  If you’re happy to go there, we’re happy to cover you, warts and all.

Danni deserves the final word for her willingness to give-it-a-go, “It was the highlight of our holiday to Miami, and probably not the worst thing I’ve kissed hehe!”

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