By Vicky Anscombe on 04 April 2016

There seems to be no stopping our brand ambassador, Chemmy Alcott. Despite recently tearing her ACL (the tough band of tissue joining the thigh bone to the shin bone at the knee), she’s still firing on all cylinders.

Her recovery’s going well, and she’s determined to make the most of her time off the slopes. As always, we’re hugely impressed by her focus – and her positive approach to life.

Here are nine ways that Chemmy focuses her mind and continues to push her limits. If you need a boost, why not adopt some of her mindsets?

Always accept a challenge:

"I always find a way to approach a challenge constructively. You don’t get better at something - or grow as a person - if you don’t move forward yourself mentally and physically. Being challenged and trying to work out a solution to a potential problem inspires me - tough days are when you find out who you really are. Champions are made when you overcome adversity. I always do my best to tackle situations head-on."

Chemmy kissing the camera

Take stock of the day:

"I always feel a sense of calmness and purpose when I watch sunrises or sunsets. It’s a chance to see a new day breaking, and look ahead - or look back on the day, and think about what I’ve achieved. I especially love skiing during sunrise or sunset - skiing on pink snow in the dimming light is incredibly soothing."

Surround yourself with people who love you:

"My husband [alpine ski racer Dougie Crawford] inspires me. Being with someone who loves you just the way you are gives you the confidence to face the world and put yourself out there, knowing that you have a secure ‘base’ to come back to. Being loved - and loving others, weaknesses and all, is a confidence boost like no other. It gives you the strength to be the best that you can be."

Chemmy Alcott wedding

Seek out the right support:

"I’m incredibly grateful for all the coaching I’ve received throughout the years. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a professional sports career, and the coaches who have stood by my side along the way have been invaluable. I love uncomplicated simple support. Two pieces of advice I was given before the Olympics have always stayed with me - ‘You can choose to be fast, or you can choose to be scared' (Turin) and 'The only pressure you’re going to feel is on the outside ski’ (Sochi).

"For the latter, I was really feeling the strain of my training and the expectations on me. This advice was great, as it transformed mental pressure into technical pressure. It allowed me to translate a form of stress into something I could control - namely, my skis."

Chemmy and coaches

Use willpower to achieve your goals:

"Willpower is a trait that has always inspired and impressed me. I’m quite stubborn - I have to put a lot of energy in if I want to change. Recently, I’ve given up coffee, as it was affecting my adrenal glands - I was always in ‘fight or flight’ mode. I haven’t had any for a month now. It’s been tough, but I’m proud of being able to abstain."

Find friends who inspire you to excel:

"My best friend, Julia Mancuso, is brilliant. She’s a dedicated Olympic medallist; her life is the Olympics. A while ago, she chose to have hip surgery in order to improve her performance - that’s how passionate she is about achieving her goals. She’s a huge source of creativity and encouragement. I definitely look to her when I need motivation."

Julia and Chemmy in the sea

Use sweet treats as an occasional boost:

"Chocolate gives me a lot of pleasure. I especially like Lindt - the dark salted bar is one of my favourites. Puddings always give me a buzz - Banoffee pie and sticky toffee pudding always cheer me up!"

Recognise the strength in others:

"I’m an ambassador for two amazing charities, Right to Play and Snow Camp. They both use sports to teach, and to help children to learn life skills. I’ve been an ambassador for 12 years and I’m always so inspired by kids who use sport to push themselves and excel - it’s incredibly humbling."

Chemmy in Rwanda

Learn from people who have overcome adversity:

"Autobiographies make me think and let me look at different ways people have made the most of their lives, or tackled problems. I love it when they’re written in the first person - an honest account of someone’s strength and willpower is very moving. I really enjoyed Muhammad Ali’s autobiography. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re seeking a new perspective."

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