By Emma Trill on 31 January 2018

A question which travellers are always mindful of when booking flights with budget airlines, how much baggage am I entitled to for this price? With the vast number of options open to us when booking holidays, each customer will have different baggage needs - but how do cabin baggage policies affect short-breakers?

January saw a shake-up in the norm, with Ryanair throwing in a curveball to their cabin baggage policy[1]. This change had been in the pipeline for a while, and was initially due to be rolled out in October 2017. However, the Ireland based airline pushed this back to the New Year to allow customers travelling over the busy Christmas period time to adjust to the changes.

The policy was brought in to “speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays”. It now outlines exactly what you must do in order to continue to bring two carry-on bags, and eradicates the former “only the first 90 carry-on bags will be allowed on board” policy - meaning unless you rushed to the gate once it was announced, you could never be 100% sure your larger cabin bag would make it on board with you.

To ensure both your cabin bags are allowed on board with you, at the time of booking you must now select “Priority & 2 Cabin Bags” which comes at a cost of £5 each way (£6 if added to your booking up to 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time). You must also adhere to dimension guidelines – your small bag (e.g. handbag or laptop) cannot exceed 35cm x 20cm x 20cm and needs to easily fit under the seat in front of you. You second bag must be no bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and fit in to the baggage sizers found at the departure gate, and must not exceed 10kg.

If you find that your airline does not provide the baggage needs you require, you should always travel with your valuables on your person, whether that be in your pockets or in a backpack/handbag. Travel insurance will not cover you for loss, theft or damage of valuables left in luggage which ends up in the hold. So if your bag is taken off you at the gate, be sure to transfer all those valuables to a bag which will be with you at all times.

Don't get caught out by cabin baggage policies

Customer reviews since the new policy was put in place seem to overall, be positive – minus the odd hiccup. The smoothness in boarding should do as Ryanair say and increase, and then finally eliminate delays due to slow loading of the aircraft. We wouldn’t be surprised to see similar airlines following in Ryanair’s lead if it produces results.

Due to the shrinking cabin baggage allowances, it’s worth weighing up your options to add a hold bag to your booking, especially if you’re travelling with a partner, friend or family member. If you don’t want to pack lightly, and don’t mind waiting at the baggage carousel the other end then it’s definitely worth a think. Be sure to decide before you head to the airport however, as prices jump up if you don’t add additional options to your booking before your departure date.

There is still a ban on electronic devices[2] on flights to the UK from a small number of airports within Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. Some individual airlines may be exempt from these restrictions; however, it is best to contact them ahead of travelling to confirm this. Any electrical item (including laptops/tablets) which are larger than 16cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm are not permitted to be carried on board with you, and must remain in the aircraft’s hold. So be sure that you have travelled with suitable luggage for your flight if you are indeed affected by this.

Airline # Carry-on Bags Bag 1 Bag 2 Hold Bag



35cm x 20cm x 20cm

55cm x 40cm x 20cm - 10kg *(£5/6 charge for Priority Boarding, 100 customers max)

20kg from £25



56cm x 45cm x 25cm - No weight restrictions but you must be able to lift it into overhead locker

*easyJet Plus Cardholders, Flexi-Fare, Up Front, Extra Legroom, Infant (under 2) on your lap. Additional bag must fit under seat in front

15kg from £8.99 - £29.99 23kg from £13.99 - £33.99



56cm x 45cm x 25cm

*Additional bag at airlines discretion

22kg per customer when purchased. 3 checked bags can be paid for in advance and allow up to 66kg



Handbag/Laptop. Must fit under seat in front

55cm x 35cm x 20cm - Combined weight of Bag 1 & 2 must not exceed 10kg

JustFly: Small (1 item up to 15kg) - £19/£22 Standard: (1 item up to 23kg) - £24/£27/£40 2 items of hold baggage (up to 46kg) - £48/£53

Get More: 23kg included

All In: 2 items up to 46kg included

[1] ITV News – 15/01/2018

[2] – 21/12/17

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