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Chemmy Alcott and The Arctic V smash The Arctic Circle Race 2015

By Vicky Anscombe

Despite broken skis, strong winds and the occasional faceplant, Chemmy and The Arctic V are in high spirits and are safely back in Sisimiut after the Arctic Circle Race 2015 was drawn to a premature and dramatic close.

The group were preparing themselves for day three of the challenge when unexpectedly high winds and temperatures of -40 degrees meant the teams couldn't continue - and all the participants were taken to safety after the race was officially cancelled.

The race was great fun for all concerned; despite Chemmy falling over just minutes after the race began and Chris struggling to make it round the course with a broken ski. He cracked his ski after just two hours on day two, and tried to use gaffa tape to hold it together – which amazingly lasted until the last 10m of the race.

Greg Lawson of Columbus Direct says: "We’re hugely proud of everything that Chemmy and The Arctic V have achieved; their tireless fundraising for Ski 4 Cancer and their enthusiasm for the challenge have been wonderful to watch from home.

"It’s such a shame that weather conditions meant they couldn't finish the race, but obviously we at Columbus understand more than anyone that safety comes first - and we can’t wait to see what challenges they tackle next.”

Photo credit: ©Steen Olsen

"As we reflect on this incredible adventure and completing the world's toughest ski race, we are filled with pride. We also realise how privileged we were to have been able to experience this incredible opportunity while raising money for Ski 4 Cancer. We now have a taste for adventure and challenging our comfort zones so watch this space...maybe this is just the start."

Chemmy Alcott


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