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Graham Precey explains Ski 4 Cancer's mission

By Vicky Anscombe

Ski 4 Cancer’s chair of trustees, Graham Precey, is delighted that the charity is being supported by The Arctic V. This short film explains what the charity does and how its work helps families fighting cancer.

Graham, who volunteers for the charity, is delighted that The Arctic V are undertaking such a massive challenge for Ski 4 Cancer.

"It’s all about energy. We love people who are up for a challenge, and their fundraising raises money for people in remission, or still fighting cancer, so they can have a respite break. It’s great for their families too - everyone gets to take a break and focus on something other than getting well again. It’s all about transference - fantastic athletes use their skill to fundraise, and their hard work means people who aren’t as well as them can concentrate on recovering in a spectacular setting."

The charity currently helps 500 cancer sufferers and their families every year, and Graham is convinced of the benefits of an alpine respite break.

"It’s been proven through numerous studies that high altitudes - and a lack of oxygen - are good for convalescents. The lack of oxygen pushes the body to work harder to repair, so when you’re back at sea level, it’s the opposite of altitude sickness. It’s also beneficial for people to get out of the house, breathe some clean air and have a change of scenery; just give them a chance to forget about their illness."

The Arctic V’s hard work will ensure even more people can enjoy an alpine break and Graham is hugely pleased and proud of their work so far.

"We’re very excited to be involved with The Arctic V. They’re five talented, driven athletes, and their hard work will mean more funds for us to help people with cancer. We can’t wait to follow their progress in March - it’ll be so gratifying to follow their journey around Greenland."

Graham Precey

If you’ve got a taste for adventure and you’d like to set yourself a challenge to help people with cancer, why not give Graham a shout? In addition to snowsports, the wider 4 Cancer Group also has subsidiaries which focus on running, cycling and sailing. So far the charity has seen people run from London to Brighton, spend 24 hours in a freezing lifeboat and sail single-handedly around the world.  Could you top that?


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