By Vicky Anscombe on 27 April 2015

The recent tragic earthquake in Nepal has impacted many people, including British citizens.

If you, family or friends have Columbus Direct travel insurance, our assistance team are on hand to provide support if medical treatment is required. If you are due to travel to Nepal you should keep an eye on the FCO's advice as they are currently advising against all but essential travel.

If you are already insured with us then our policy will cover you to cancel the trip or come home early while that FCO advice is in place. If you are in Nepal, and you have trouble getting to the airport, there may be cover available for Missed Departure if you don’t arrive at the airport on time to catch your original flight, but clearly you should leave as much time as is possible given the potential disruption.

Details on how to make a claim can be found here.

If your family or friends are currently in Nepal, are affected by the earthquake and need to contact the FCO, please provide them with the essential information and contact details below:

Image credit: Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn)/Flickr

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