By Vicky Anscombe on 04 February 2016

When you’re packing for your holiday and you’re unsure of your airline’s baggage allowance, it can mean hours of trawling through a company’s website, looking for answers. Things can get especially tricky if you’re trying to take a bike abroad, a buggy, or other types bulky sports equipment.

However, travellers have a brilliant new tool at their fingertips to help them navigate the murky waters of bag allowances. Airport Parking and Hotels has pulled together the numerous and often confusing baggage allowance rules and regulations for all of the UK’s consumer air travel - so you’ll never have to endure a frustrating online search for answers again.

The comprehensive site doesn't just show allowances for hand luggage and checked baggage - you can also find out the guidelines for pushchairs and car seats, baby food/milk, medicine, laptops and tablets, wheelchairs, golf clubs, skiing equipment, bikes, musical instruments and surfboards.

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