By Vicky Anscombe on 20 January 2015

If you're not a skier or boarder, or even if you just want to take a break from it all, you can still have a good time provided you go to a resort with a decent range of non-skiing activities. Make sure to research the options before you book your holiday. Most ski resorts will offer a variety of snow based sports and off-piste activities.

The sports & activities on offer will vary depending on the actual resort but there's always something for the non-skier. If nothing on offer takes your fancy start thinking about what equipment you could take with you that could make your time there perfect.

Here’s our top 5 list of activities you are likely to find in most resorts;

1) Snow shoeing

This is a brilliantly simple way to discover a winter wonderland, whatever level of challenge you’re after. Far less technical than skiing, you will master it in minutes and then the opportunity for winter exploration is endless. For more information on how to master snow shoeing read Snowshoe Magazine’s first-timer's guide to snowshoeing

2) Ski-doo rides

An exhilarating blend of snow and speed! Need we say more?

3) Ice climbing

For most people, drinking a frosty beverage is about as up close and personal it gets when it comes to ice. Bring out the adventure junkie in yourself and find out what makes ice climbers so passionate about their sport.

4) Tobogganing

5) The ‘finer things of life’

Hot tubs on balconies overlooking the snow, spa breaks with massages and facials or wine and tapas by a roaring fire. These are some of the things most resorts do well. It probably won't come cheaply. . .but then neither do lift passes nor gear rental so if you're a non-participant in the group maybe it's worth at least one self-indulgent splurge!


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