By Dale Western on 09 July 2013

For many, the experience of watching their favorite sporting event is nothing without an ice cold beer and some delicious bar food, so it's no wonder sports bars are so popular - especially in a vibrant, on-the-go city like New York, USA.

However, there are so many bars to choose from that the decision can seem overwhelming, so here's our guide to the top ten sports bars on offer in New York.

1. Barfly Bar and Grill   

Barfly Bar And Grill 300X180A true neighborhood favorite, Barfly bar and Grill is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere. Located at on the corner of 20th Street and Third Avenue, it boasts 12 flat-screen televisions and three large-screen models. It also has access to satellite TV, so everything from the NBA to the MLB is covered and with hot mac'n'cheese on offer, who wouldn't want to visit?

2. Legends

Situated between 5th and 6th Avenues, at 6 West 33rd Street, Legends is famed for screening every significant soccer game that takes place - not just throughout America, but from across the world. Plus, with everything from 'legendary' chocolate chip pancakes to hanger steak and classic grilled cheese on offer, visitors won't go hungry!

3. Bar 43  

43 Bar And Grill 300X95Found at 4306 43rd Street, Bar 43 bills itself as 'the best place in Queens to watch sports". All events, from the Boston Red Sox games to Fifa matches are available, so most sports lovers will be catered for. Plus, there's a resident Beer Club coming soon and a menu that offers 'suicidal' buffalo wings - which aren't for the faint-hearted!

4. Standings Bar

Everyone, from baseball and athletics fans to football and basketball enthusiasts is catered for at Standings Bar. To be found at 43 East 7th Street, Standings Bar has a regular happy hour from Monday to Friday, 5pm to 7pm and those who turn out to watch the Monday night football can even bag a free portion of wings. The bar offers free pizza on Friday nights, too, so there's no excuse not to pop in!

5. Lone Star Bar and Grilllone star

Lone Star 300X54Find this awesome sports bar on 8703 Fifth Avenue. You'll be left in awe at its 17 flat-screen televisions, in-house charcoal grill and $50 all-you-can-eat barbecue special. This Texas-themed bar welcomes both regulars and new folk through its doors and shows every team from the Rangers to the Jets.

6. Bounce Sporting Club

With two locations (the Uptown club, at 1403 2nd Avenue and the Flatiron club, at 55 West 21st Street), the Bounce Sporting Club combines bottomless drinks with boxing matches and football clashes. Plus, the menu offers everything from a French fries tasting basket to tender pulled pork sandwiches - just what you need to complement a big night of sport.

7. Foley's NY

Foleys Nyc 300X70This homely sports bar and restaurant can be found between 5th and 6th Avenues, on 33rd Street. Housed in a historical clubhouse, the bar boasts an impressive range of sporting memorabilia. It even has seats that used to belong to the lies of Tiger Stadium and Fenway Park! Search through the joint's 1,800 autographed baseballs as you chow down on mini hot dogs, buffalo shrimp or mozzarella sticks.

8. Blondies Sports

BlondiesLocated on West 79th Street, Blondies Sports shows everything from college basketball to NHL matches. If there's a game on that the bar doesn't have billed, visitors can simply ask for it. Monday brings 'All you can eat Wings' night, but if wings aren't your thing, there are also traditional snacks like Philly cheese steak and turkey burgers on offer.

9. Gym Sportsbar

Billed as the most popular gay sports bar in NY, Gym Sportsbar not only offers regular sporting events and happy hour prices, but also hands-on activities. It has a Ms. Pac-Man machine, a digital jukebox, foosball table, dart board and a warm atmosphere - not to mention a great location, on 167 8th Avenue. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and on Thursday nights, a lively game of Flip Cup kicks off.

10. Snap Sports Bar                                 

Snap Bar Nyc 300X69You can find this lively hangout spot at 248 West 14th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. With a 35-foot bar and a great selection of beers, wines and liquors, there's something for everyone. In addition to the flat-screen TVs, there's 20-foot long LEDS ticker built into the bar, so sports fans can keep up with all the latest scores.

Although all of these bars will ensure you get a great night out, it's important to remember that you should drink responsibly and in moderation - especially when on holiday, as if you're injured as a result of being inebriated, your travel insurance policy may not cover any associated medical costs. Do have a good time, though and have fun exploring the best New York has to offer!

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