By Ferdi Burger on 08 November 2013

It's only a few months to Sochi and all the Olympians are showing their support for the sports they love. Chemmy's passion is not just for going really fast downhill but for having fun enjoying the opportunities her sport has given her.

Last Wednesday we saw her fun side at The Ski and Snowboard Show as she played dress-ups at Retro Rentals, got crazy in a OnePiece onesie, and stuck her own head in the cut-out board photo of her skiing.

Chemmy Retro Gear Edit 2 624X278
The art of GNAR! Outrageous 80’s neon one-piece dress-up at Retro Rentals.

"I'm always fun. I'm laughing and joking in the start gate. I think it's really important for me to enjoy what I do because of the dangers involved. I have to know that I love this sport and have that passion, but I'm pushing myself to that line."

Olympic training has it's serious side and we saw this when she spoke with a volunteer from Snow Camp. The  charity helps inner-city kids, without the same advantages Chemmy had, to gain valuable life skills through skiing and snowboarding. Chemmy attended their ten year anniversary ball recently and spoke, encouraging kids to use their passions to push themselves.

Chemmy Snowcamp Edit 624X211

This will be her fourth Olympics and she's realistic about her chances.

"I've kind of made peace with the fact that maybe it isn't my destiny to win a gold medal, that maybe it's to show people that against all odds and against all adversity you just have to keep fighting."



Keep an eye out for the vids from our day with Chemmy at The Ski Show.

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