By Ferdi Burger on 21 November 2013

Highlights of Chemmy at the Ski and Snowboard Show at Earl's Court, London, October 30th 2013

In Chemmy Alcott’s most important year of her career, her focus on the 2014 Sochi Olympics is like a clamped crocodile’s jaw. Her determination and fight are steely as she faces her fourth Olympics recovering from a broken leg and raising her own money to get there, recently hosting an event with her beau skier Dougie Crawford, the ‘Sochi 2014 Fundraiser’.


Between training schedules that involve oxygen deprivation and high altitude training, Chemmy found time to pop into the Ski & Snowboard Show on October 30th and chuckle at a six foot image of her face by Caxton.

The event was packed full of activities to get kids and adults interested in winter sports. There were ski and snowboard lessons for all levels, an ice rink, and curling lanes which nicely represent the strength of the current Olympic curling teams (men and women) being medal contenders. The adults had the options of a wine tasting bar, resort bar and champagne bar, but hopefully not before a visit to the climbing wall.

Chemmy went around visiting the stands, having fun getting into a One Piece and jumping around trying on  a white hot 80’s ski outfit from Retro Rentals. She also got to tell us about the buzz at the 2010 Olympics in Whistler and the camaraderie with the Norwegian ski team she trains with.

Snow Camp was there as well. The charity uses skiing and snowboarding to help teach kids necessary life skills and offers training and apprenticeships. Chemmy conducted an interview with one of their young members, Stacey. Scroll down this blog for the full interview and hear Stacey's story about what it means to her to become a ski instructor and share her love of skiing and snowboarding, and to see more of Chemmy at the Ski and Snowboarding Show

Caxton shows Chemmy a giant picture of her smiling face

One Piece, the staple kit for your winter holiday

Show your true colours with Retro Rentals

I was in the start gate of the Dave Murray piste for my third Olympic downhill run...

The Norwegian ski team are a feisty team of girls

Stacey from Snow Camp shares her love of skiing and snowboarding

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