By Dale Western on 25 June 2013

Seen one hotel and you've seen them all - here are some weird and wonderful places to stay for inspiration for your next trip:

An aeroplane up a tree...
Make like Tarzan in this exotic tree-top aeroplane hotel room in exotic Costa Rica.  Part of a larger resort of more standard hotel accommodation, book the 727 Fuselage suite at Hotel Costa Verde for a honeymoon or as a luxury treat.

Pigsty 300X200
The Pigsty - Robin Hood's Bay

A Pigsty...
This fabulous neoclassical folly in Robin’s Hood Bay, North Yorkshire, really was built as shelter for some Victorian porkers around the 1880’s.  Now a boutique hideaway for two, it would be ideal for a romantic staycation.

Caravan holidays as they should be at Huettenpalast, Berlin.

A vacuum cleaner factory...
Bring the outside indoors at Berlin’s Hüttenpalast, a former vacuum cleaner factory where you can now spend the night in a retro-style caravan or a woodland hut.  But you can ditch the Kendal mint cake – because the only hiking you’ll need to do is around the fabulous sights of Berlin, and best of all, there’s no need to forgo hot showers.

Miramira 300X240
The Cave at Mira Mira

A mystical fantasy land...

If you’re looking for a magical setting to make your trip to Australia just that bit more special, take a look at Mira Mira – a 90 min drive from cosmopolitan Melbourne. A tranquil retreat offering you the chance to ‘live in art’ for a day or two, you can choose from three fantastical dwellings, including the womb-like Cave, the peaceful Japanese Zen retreat, or the Gaudi-inspired Tanglewood.
Visit for more info.

La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel 300X262
The Trojan Horse suite at La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

A Trojan horse...

Any gnome away from home would be perfectly content with a room at ‘La Balade des Gnomes’ (literally ‘the walk of the gnomes’).  Architect-owned and fairytale-inspired, it makes a delightfully eccentric base for your trip to the Belgian countryside.  Accommodation is a choice between ten themed rooms, each inspired by the organic forms and folkloric detail of European fairy tales, complete with wooden toadstools and cosy nooks and crannies.  Gloriously off-theme however,  is the gigantic full-size Trojan horse replica – which is a must if you can book it.  If it’s fully booked, the ‘Sur un quartier de Lune’ room also makes a marvelously bonkers base for your trip – inspired by the lunar landscape, it’s like something straight out of Georges Méliès ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’. Their website is currently only available in French and Dutch, but we think the pictures say it all:

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