By Ferdi Burger on 20 November 2013

A singles holiday can be so much fun and present plenty of opportunities to meet new people and perhaps even meet that 'special someone'.

However, if you're traveling abroad solo, it's important to take a few precautionary steps to ensure that you stay safe. Sometimes guys can feel invincible when they're riding on the wave of excitement that comes with a singles holiday, but even so, these simple steps will ensure you get back to the UK in one piece.

Tell someone where you're going

Most singles holidays have well-organized itineraries, but if you do fancy veering off on your own for a while, make sure to tell someone where you're going. That way, if you were to get lost or if anything untoward were to happen, it would at least be a lot easier to find you.

If your holiday has a tour guide or a travel rep, then speak to them about the best way to travel to certain locations or potential hazards to avoid.

Protect yourself from the sun

It might not be seen as 'manly' to keep applying sun cream or hide underneath a hat all day, but that's certainly a lot cooler than spending your holiday with a nasty sunburn. You may need higher strength sun cream in a hot foreign country than you do in the UK and it may need to be applied more often.

Stay hydrated

Singles holidays often involve a fair bit of alcohol in order to settle the nerves and bring people out of their shells. That's fine, but it's important to remain in control of your actions when abroad and, more importantly to remain hydrated. Alcohol can dehydrate you really quickly especially when drinking in really hot temperatures, so consider carrying a bottle of water with you at all times or ordering a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks.

Be safe

We all tend to feel a bit more adventurous when we're on a foreign holiday, but don't let the adventurousness extend to riskiness when it comes to the opposite sex. Take the appropriate precautions, so you can enjoy your holiday without fear.

A few quick preparations before you head out on your excursions can make the world of difference when ensuring that you remain safe during a singles holiday. Now, make sure you go out and enjoy it!

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