By Vicky Anscombe on 06 April 2016

Travelling with a condition shouldn’t stop you from seeing the sights. Why should you miss out on France’s vineyards, shopping in Berlin, or seeing the majestic Taj Mahal? You have the chance to enjoy everything that the world has to offer, and feeling confident and secure is a huge part of being able to make the most of your trip.

If you need assistance while you’re away, Columbus Direct’s holiday insurance is a great way to make sure you’ll be looked after if you need medical help. We can even offer you free lounge access if your flight’s delayed, or fly you home early if necessary.

You may have one or two questions about your policy, so we compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you. If your queries aren’t listed, make sure that you read our FAQ page, or give our friendly customer services team a call on 0800 0680 060. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Older couple enjoying their holiday

What’s a pre-existing medical condition?

In the past year, if your medical condition has required you to:

  • Take medicine
  • Have treatment
  • Have reviews or check-ups
  • Have surgery, tests or investigations (other than common coughs and colds)

You will need to tell us about it, to ensure your policy will fully protect you.

Do I need to declare my medical conditions?

It’s vital that you let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions. That way, you can ensure you get the right policy and receive the most appropriate care, if needed.

Can I book online?

That’s absolutely fine. Just make sure that you select and enter any pre-existing conditions when you’re taken through the booking process.

I’m a bit embarrassed about talking to your call centre staff – will my information be treated with sensitivity?

Our staff are used to hearing about all kinds of conditions and will do everything they can to help. They will make sure that your information remains private – and everything you speak about on the phone is confidential.

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What happens if I can’t be insured with you? Who else can I speak to?

That’s fine – we’re able to refer you on. We suggest that you speak to Good to Go.

Will my condition(s) stop me from enjoying my trip?

With a little forward planning, and some advice from your GP before you leave, you should be all set to enjoy your holiday.

We’ve even written a guide to medical conditions abroad and advice for travellers – why not give it a read?

What if I run out of my medication while I’m on holiday? Will you pay for extra medicine?

It’s always a good idea to take plenty of medicine with you, in case you’re delayed or you have to extend your trip. This way, you can always feel confident that you have everything you need.

We cannot cover the cost of more medication for a pre-existing condition.

If I need treatment while I’m away and my partner needs extra accommodation, will you take care of this? What about food and taxi money?

We’ll make sure that while you’re recovering, your partner is looked after. This includes taking care of extra nights in a hotel and necessary taxi journeys.

Will you be able to fly out friends or family members to see me if I’m hospitalised?

Yes, as we know how much a friendly face means when you’re poorly! We are happy to fly out one person - a family member or a friend - to be with you during your hospital stay. We’ll even book you both replacement flights home if you miss your original flight.

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