By Vicky Anscombe on 24 March 2015

Surfers have been flocking to The Severn to take advantage of unique conditions that allow them to ride the 'super' tidal bore which happens a few times every year.

The Severn Bore is a large surge wave that can be seen in the estuary of the river, where the tidal range can reach 50 feet (approx. 15.4m). It creates massive waves which are perfect for, you guessed it, surfers.

Surfing at the Severn Bore

Despite the chilly weather, muddy water and thick wetsuits, the surfers who braved the freezing water had a wonderful time.

Speaking to The Independent, experienced surfer Spencer Webb explained why he's made the trip to experience the bore.

"It is really exciting," he said. "When you have been surfing for years, you lose that excitement when you are searching for a beach break all the time, but this brings it all back again, because it is so exciting and so different."

If you missed all the fun at the weekend, relax - according to the Severn Bore website, three more are expected over the next three days; after that, the next big one's predicted on April 19.

If you decide to ride the surf, it's important that you click here to get the latest safety advice. 

Image credit: Alan Piper/Flickr

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