By Vicky Anscombe on 24 March 2015

Everyone occasionally makes the odd mistake - but this lot take the biscuit.

Travelling is the best time to let your hair down and experience a certain degree of freedom; but it doesn't mean that you're above the law the minute you leave the country.. It's still important to respect your surroundings, be polite to local people, learn a bit of the language and try to eat as much locally-sourced produce as you can

Here are six unbelievable traveller mistakes that people continue to make - and the repercussions of their behaviour.

Graffiti and criminal damage: What's the first thing you think of when you visit the Colosseum? Carve your initials into it, right? That's exactly what a Russian tourist did in November 2014, and he was promptly arrested and fined over £15,000. Sadly, this isn't the first time a tourist has tried to deface the Roman amphitheatre; two American tourists were also arrested recently for scribbling their initials inside the Colosseum. They even managed to take a selfie alongside their badly-etched handiwork, so their defence was effectively annihilated. Clever.

Making erotic films: In 2014, two Russian tourists shot a ten-minute porn film outside the Gaza pyramids, and then uploaded it to the net. This classy act didn't go down well (no pun intended). In response to the incident, critics have called upon on the Egyptian government to enhance security at the historic site in order to prevent tourists using it as the set of an erotic film, which is fair enough, really.

Taking selfies with dangerous animals: If you spot a rhino in a nature park, heed this advice - don't approach it and take a selfie with it. A couple visiting a South African nature reserve did just that, and were mauled by some wild white rhinos. Other people taking a walk on the wild side haven't been so lucky; in 2014, a hiker spotted a black bear behind him and decided to try and snap a selfie, rather than move away. The 300-pound grizzly promptly killed him.

Don't disrespect religious sites: Heard about Angkor Wat? It's a stunning temple complex in Cambodia and, guess what, getting raunchy there is frowned upon. In early 2015, two sisters from Arizona were arrested for taking naughty selfies there (we won't go into details, but their buttocks were involved). They were fined over £160 each and they can't return to Cambodia for four years. The terrible twosome aren't the first lot of tourists to behave badly there; three tourists were arrested in January 2015 after being collared taking naked pictures. Our advice? Just keep your clothes on.

Avoid taking livestock on a plane: In 2014, a woman was kicked off an internal flight in the US for bringing her pig on board, claiming it was an 'emotional support animal'. The pig didn't support her very well; it defecated everywhere, ran amok and howled, loudly. We've taken a closer look at the most bizarre items ever smuggled through customs here. And we once interviewed a pilot who took a live hedgehog on one of his flights.

Watch out for holiday home swaps: If you're new to Airbnb, proceed with caution; last year, a New Yorker rented out his super-expensive home to a man who claimed he was using it to host his in-laws for a wedding. He lied - it was for an orgy which featured overweight women and which had been advertised as an 'XXXX Freak Fest'. The apartment's owner was duly reimbursed and Airbnb paid for all the damages. The organiser of the orgy, who claimed he had done nothing wrong, has since been banned from Airbnb.

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