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One of the best value destinations for holidaying has to be Spain; the amount of sun and fun you get for your money makes it a choice destination for British holidaymakers of all ages.

If you've opted for a package holiday, you’ll certainly get a lot of sun, sea, sangria and tapas for a surprisingly reasonable price. Enough so, you probably won’t have to think about bars and food - it’ll all be on tap. But if you decided not to indulge in floor-to-ceiling food, booze, sun lounging and pool-dipping, choosing instead a generally more cultural but less inclusive option such as a city break, here are some amazing places to sample the best Spain has to offer, without breaking the bank.


Bar Mingus

If you have a taste for craft beers and an admiration for skateboarding, or just a love for quirky quality, the Gothic Quarter’s Bar Mingus is simply a must. With an amazing exotic selection of craft ales, lagers, an eclectic and eccentric juke box, super friendly staff (generally abnormal for this uber-touristy part of Barcelona) and truly tasty tapas, you’ll be sure to soak up the sights and sounds of the city in style and comfort. Plus, the beers and food are pretty cheap, too!


As the name may suggest, Nevermind, situated just a short walk from the infamous tree-lined, street performer-studded La Ramblas, is a place where the 90s never ended. So if you fancy chilling out to a bit of grunge, punk rock and skateboarding videos, Nevermind is the place to go. The staff are friendly, the music is edgy and there’s free popcorn. It's not known for its amazing selection of drinks, but they don’t come at a premium; if you visit in the afternoon or early evening, you’ll benefit from a host of happy hour drink deals.

Nevermind bar


The James Joyce

The more well-read readers among us will have already worked out that The James Joyce is an Irish pub, celebrating two of Ireland’s classic exports; the writer of the classic novel Ulysses and, of course, Guinness. There’s nothing new about Irish bars in Spain; in fact they are extremely common place in the touristy areas and, largely, non-descript, unremarkable places. But, if you do find yourself in the vicinity of central Madrid and fancy a pint of the black stuff, do check out The James Joyce.

It’s not amazingly cheap, or expensive for that matter, but what you do get is great value for money, a fun atmosphere, good food and extremely welcoming staff.

Microteatro por Dinero

If you crave a cultural, adventurous and fun night out, coupled with the partaking in some of the cheapest drinks and tastiest cocktails available in Madrid, then please go to Microteatro por Dinero. Okay, there’s no escaping it, Microteatro por Dinero is a theatre, but one which completely turns the concept on its head, making it a great destination for drinking experience with a difference.

Turn up, buy tickets, grab an inexpensive drink at the bar and wait for the show to start. When the time comes you’ll be corralled to the performance rooms in the cellar and you’ll get the feeling that something strange is about to happen. Each room fits around 15 people and you’ll soon realise the play is being performed around you and you’re part of the show. Okay, you’ll be shelling a little more for the price of your ticket (a few Euros, around the cost of a beer) but it well worth it - you’ll take so much more away from the experience.

Microteatro Por Dinero


La Tana

If you enjoy the complex flavours of good wine, you’ll be sure to love La Tana. Situated in the historical city of Granada, nestled close to a pretty square, is the quaint, traditional looking wine bar, La Tana. Stepping inside, you get the sense that you’ve just entered into someone’s personal wine cellar, both because of the size, the bar seats just 15 people, and the hearty welcome and attention you’ll receive.

The wine is absolutely incredible and is so cheap and if you’re a novice, the helpful staff will be happy to give you recommendations, and tasters, before you buy.

Chupiteria 69

Chupiteria 69

On the other end of the spectrum is Chupiteria 69, the kind of place you go when you want to indulge in, say, less traditional, boozier pleasures. The premise is simple - every time you buy a shot, you get a ticket which can be collected and traded in for tacky hats, clothing and souvenirs. It certainly makes drinking a little more fun, especially if there’s a few of you - perhaps you could engage in pooling up your tickets to buy a thong (yes, that’s one of the prizes) then see, with hilarious consequence, if you can all fit inside. If you ever find yourself in Granada and fancy a rowdy night of revelry, Chupiteria 69 is the perfect place to start. Or end. Oh, and the shots are just €1!

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