By Emma Trill on 03 January 2019

Going abroad and not having full use of your mobile without paying extortionate charges for roaming can be very frustrating, especially when you like to stay (or need to stay) connected. Not all hotels and resorts are well connected, you may find that they offer no Wi-Fi, or offer a poor connection at an additional charge to add to your woes.

We’ve identified that Wi-Fi is a desired amenity for many travellers, and are pleased to announce that a new partnership with United Networks means we are able to bring you unlimited global FREE Wi-Fi for 5 days when you’re travelling.

Woman uses her mobile phone whilst waiting

How do I get connected?

Once you’ve purchased your Columbus Direct travel insurance, you’ll automatically qualify for the 5-day unlimited Wi-Fi pass. This does need to be activated before you can use it, and this can be done in these few simple steps:

  1. Click the link in your welcome pack email
  2. Follow the details on the link to enter your registration details
  3. Download the “United Networks Wi-Fi” app from your mobile’s app store
  4. Create an account on the app and log in
  5. Once your device is activated, you will be able to access Wi-Fi (This should only take a few moments)

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When can I use it?

The day you travel is the day your unlimited FREE Wi-Fi pass will activate, and you will be able to use it from that date, as long as you’ve followed the steps above to register.

If you’re travelling for more than 5 days, you are able to upgrade your Wi-Fi pass when your free period comes to an end. The United Networks app will show you all the options available to you in order to do this if you need to.

Who are United Networks?

United Networks provide global connectivity to keep you connected throughout your journey. They have access to over 67 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 180+ countries across the globe, which means you’re able to connect to these hotspots using the details you registered on their app.

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you’ll find yourself covered in most major cities around the world, all you have to do to find your nearest hotspot is click on the “Hotspot Map” via their app; you can then head to that point to get connected.

You can use the “Search for a Location” option at the top of the “Locate a Hotspot” map to search for connections in cities you’re visiting in the future so you know where Wi-Fi will be available before making your journey.

There’s also an “Auto Connect” function, which means your mobile device will pick up any United Networks hotspot, and connect to it when you’re within range. This is helpful if you’re out and about exploring, you never know when you might desperately need to use the internet!

A person uses the United Networks app to access a Wi-Fi hotspot

Why Columbus Direct?

Our partnership with United Networks is just the latest of a number of excellent benefits available for our customers. Your Columbus Direct travel insurance policy will enable you to qualify for FREE airport lounge access should your flight be delayed by an hour or longer (you must pre-register your flight so we are able to send you notifications), you’ll also have access to Babylon Health – the digital health service, where you’ll be able to contact an English speaking GP via their mobile app, should you need advice whilst abroad. 

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