By Vicky Anscombe on 02 December 2015

If you’re a winter sports fan and looking to give yourself a pre-Christmas treat, or you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a skier or a snowboarder, we think you’ll enjoy our brand ambassador’s latest video.

When we spoke to Chemmy at the Ski and Snowboard Show 2015, we decided to ask her which kit she couldn’t live without – and which new releases had made her Christmas list.

Maybe you’re after some new skis – backcountry versus touring, cross country versus racing. Do you wear a helmet? The helmet industry has come on so far since the early noughties, and now you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Finally, Chemmy reveals the ultimate gadget for those who love to film their ski sessions – and there’s a novel way of editing all your footage...

We recently posted a blog article about our pick of travel gadgets for 2015 – 2016; you can find a piece of kit to make your life easier here.

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