By Vicky Anscombe on 07 April 2015

If you're travelling to France this week, there's a chance you could fall foul of French air traffic controller strikes and new passport checks.

The Telegraph reports that up to half of the flights between France and Britain could be cancelled as the SNCTA, France’s largest air traffic controllers’ union, walks out on Wednesday and Thursday.

This move, twinned with new passport checks organised by the Home Office, could wreak havoc on travellers' plans. French airspace is the busiest in Europe, with an average of 8,000 flights leaving and coming into the country each day.

Airline spokespeople have warned of imminent delays and cancellations, and have urged passengers to check their flights are still going ahead and checking their airline and airport's website before they leave the house. BA has confirmed it will be taking steps to 'minimise delays' and easyJet has warned of a 'significant' impact on its schedule.

If your departure is delayed for more than 12 hours you may be able to claim for compensation on your travel insurance policy, or for the cost of your holiday if you abandon the trip. Check your policy for more details on the cover available.

Meanwhile, from Wednesday morning, all passengers on ferries and Channel Tunnel services will need to have their passport details electronically recorded. These checks are being introduced for the first time since 1998 by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, in a bid to improve border security. Similar checks are already conducted on air travel.

If you're travelling by ferry, the latest Dover travel information can be found on the BBC website or by following @PoD_TravelNews and @POFerriesFR8 on Twitter for more information.

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