By Dale Western on 18 August 2014

Summer goes all too quickly; it feels like only yesterday that we were all pining for the sun to get itself into gear. And yet here we are a month or two later; we've had the hottest day of the year so far, and for a while there parts of the UK were hotter than in Hawaii. Aloha!

But you know what? It's not over. Even if it has cooled off a little at home, the sun is still in top gear in many places around the world. It would be a shame not to make the most of it over the last few weeks of the summer break.

We think you deserve an amazing family holiday this summer, and if you think it's too late to book one, here are five reasons which may change your mind...

School's out

...for summer! Alice Cooper was wrong about one thing though; it's not out forever. The kids still have two to three weeks before they have to go back to school, though, so there's still plenty of time to book a dream holiday, have an incredible time and make some wonderful memories before you have to have to start ironing school uniforms and making packed lunches.

Perhaps the kids have been running you ragged this summer? Why not let them do it in a place where you can enjoy some sun, surf, shopping and salivating food and drink?

The kids have some fun, you get to enjoy whatever it is that attracted you to your chosen destination, and the whole family gets some quality time together before your days are spent apart once more. That sounds like reason enough to book a holiday.

Last minute deals

If you think booking one might break the bank this late in the summer, the opposite is usually true. As it's late into the break, most holidays have already been booked, leaving travel agents and discount websites urgently needing to fill those last plane seats and get those remaining hotel rooms booked up before they miss their window.

Lucky for us, this means there are usually some fantastic last minute deals available for you to take advantage of. Not only can you usually get cheaper travel and accommodation, but often when you arrive at your destination you'll find that day trips and fun activities may have reduced prices too.

Quieter locations

Why are they reduced? It's predominantly due to the destination becoming quieter towards the end of the summer holiday. Many families dashed off on their summer break at the first opportunity, as soon as the kids broke up from school.

This is good news for many families, especially for parents seeking a little respite from the hubbub of a busy summer back home. The beaches might be quieter; you may not have to wake up at 5am to reserve your sun loungers beside the pool; you'll be able to get a nice table in the best restaurants in town, and you're able to take advantage of the aforementioned activities which may be reduced.

The kids can blow off steam

If you're taking the kids away, then fun activities are going to be essential. Before they have to buckle down at school, let them blow off a little steam and get it all out of their system.

Whether it's riding rollercoasters, bouncing off a banana boat or taking on the locals at beach volleyball; whatever it is your kids like to do when on holiday, we're sure you'll be able to find something to accommodate them.

Let's face it; we're all kids at heart. So, parents - don't be afraid to get involved too!

You deserve it

It's as simple as that. You work hard all year, at work and at home with the kids, and we think you owe it to yourself. Summer comes but once a year, after all.

So, do you fancy a family summer holiday before the break is over? Get looking, get booking and get packing!

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