By Vicky Anscombe on 25 January 2016

In terms of culture, art and beauty, we’re remarkably lucky to live in Europe. There’s so much to take in, and it’s just a short Eurostar or plane ride away. Who can forget their first time in Paris, or the trip they took to Rome as a university student, keen for amazing food and great nights out?

Although it’s always good to have a variety of opinions when it comes to attractions abroad, we found that there’s no pleasing some people. Here are a selection of comments about two of Europe’s best-loved tourist attractions, ranging from the confusing to the downright maddening. You’ll never look at your fellow travellers in the same way again.

The Louvre, Paris:

Let’s hope none of the artwork was creating using unsustainable materials.


This person was hoping that the museum wasn’t as popular as all that; it looks like they were mistaken. Just too Babylonian for their tastes.

TA 2

‘Professional sportspeople to the front of the line, please.’


Pam D managed to escape the Louvre, eight days later. She had not been humbled by the experience.


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Buckingham Palace, London:

Bucking Palace 1

We’re guessing Careea’s house is super impressive. Either than, or she accidentally ended up at the Walkie Talkie building.

Buckingham Palace 2

Yes, because nothing bad has ever happened in the English countryside.

Buckingham Palace 3

Liz is far too busy for you, me, and The Queen. She’s got 'better things to do in London'.

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