By Vicky Anscombe on 20 March 2015

Much like the reviews on Amazon, if you've got a good eye for humour, the reviews on TripAdvisor can be mined for comedy gold.

Since the website was founded in 2000, good, bad, ugly and mad reviews have been left for hotels, restaurants and attractions all over the world - and some have been so bonkers they've got to be shared. Here are ten of the funniest reviews found on the site; enjoy.

Poo in the kettle

It's unknown whether this person ended up with a rash; let's hope not. The bloodstained headboards are a nice touch.


We lost our composure at the 'pair of doves pecking each other'. 

TripAdvisor funny reviews

We're going to go with 'Yes; yes, that is a bit cheeky, TBH.'


'The meals were OK, but saying that, I had a touch of food poisoning for three days.'


Someone has been spending too much time at The Overlook Hotel for our liking.

Funny TripAdvisor reviews

You think?

Funny TripAdvisor Reviews

To be fair, Barrymore has always been able to draw a large crowd.

Funny TripAdvisor reviews

Every cloud. That's customer service for you.

Funny TripAdvisor reviews

Are you sure it wasn't just a new hipster cocktail?

Funny TripAdvisor reviews

However, not all is lost - the location's pretty good.

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