By Dale Western on 10 September 2015

The summer is ending, your suitcase is back in the loft - but we bet all those glorious knick-knacks you brought back from your holiday are still looking fabulous in the lounge.

Not content with the paltry amount of information about naff souvenirs, Travelzoo has shed some light on the purchases that seem like a great idea when you’re abroad, but disappoint on home soil.


According to the study, resort logo t-shirts, keyrings and mugs topped the list of the most-regretted dust collectors of 2015; not forgetting the ‘I HEART España’ type fridge magnets, which one in four of us opted for, but later wished we hadn’t.

It's the men who collect (vaguely) practical stuff for the home - so that'll be 'authentic' carpets, rugs, tablecloths and the odd cup and saucer. Women were more inclined to purchase (and subsequently regret) the items that serve no purpose once you're home, such as snow globes, candles and dolls.

You'd like to think they had a bit more common sense, but Millennials are just as prone to buying tat. The souvenir purchased and most regretted is fake accessories – just under 40% of 16-24-year-olds admit to bringing home a rip-off designer item, like a pair of sunglasses or a handbag. Of course, they always wish they hadn't later on.

Intrigued by the disposable nature of their research, Travelzoo decided to delve even deeper, and asked their 1,000 interviewees what the worst souvenir they'd ever been given. Here are their replies. Our favourite is 'Christ on an egg cup'. Who wouldn't want that?

1. A pair of singing flamenco shoes

2. A wonky-eyed self portrait

3. Christ on an egg cup

4. A broken keyring

5. A giant plastic fish

6. A ‘cat in a basket made of real fur’

7. A doll made of shells

8. A large Japanese statue with a scary face

9. A crab set in a clear plastic setting

10. A stuffed donkey/camel

Knick knacks

Image credit: Flickr, with thanks to Gunnar Grimnesmatthewreid and Morgan

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