By Vicky Anscombe on 02 February 2015

With the nation gripped by Royal Baby Fever Part 2 here at Columbus Direct, we have decided to look at ten of the weirdest and most useless baby inventions. These a great way to keep your kids entertained while on holiday. Possibly. We make no promises.

Baby Mop

Baby Mop 300X203

If you’re anything like us on holiday, then you tend to leave your hotel floor looking slightly messy. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the cleaners on the last day, this handy baby mop will keep your hotel looking spotless! Or you'll just end up with a grubby baby who will transfer all the dirt to your front the minute you pick it up.

Zaky Infant Pillow


If a carry cot and holding your baby carefully don’t appeal, then you might want to consider taking the Zaky infant pillow on your next trip. These smooth faux hands hold your baby in position and mimic the shape and feel of your own arms - perfect if you want to support your baby while holding a can of beer or a copy of Viz.

The Daddle

Thedaddle 3 292X300

If you’re going on holiday, but not to the beach, you might miss out on donkey and horse rides. Not any more! The cleverly-named Daddle will enable your child to experience what it's like to ride around on a horse or donkey's back without the hassle of getting an actual horse or donkey involved.



Oh, God, and we thought the Daddle was bad enough. If saddling up and getting on all fours doesn't appeal to you, then maybe the Po-Knee will. This dignity-robbing toy is perfect for any flight or coach ride where your child is getting a bit fidgety and only embarrassing you to within an inch of your life will calm them. 

Bucktooth Pacifier

Bucktooth 300X300

What's the worst thing about going on holiday? We'll tell you - complete strangers stopping you as you're walking around and telling you how 'cute' your baby is. Put a stop to that nonsense with this buck-toothed pacifier. People will back away, shooting you nervous glances.

Walking Helper

One Step Ahead Baby Jumper Walking Aid 300X300

Is your baby not pulling their weight and slowing down the rest of the group? If you want your baby to get some real exercise on holiday – and don’t want to have to bend down all the time – why not cram them into this walking helper and drag them along all day? They're guaranteed to move at the pace of your choosing and they're probably learn some valuable life lessons as well.

Tattoos for Babies

Tattoos For Babies

We're not too sure why we included this on the list. Maybe because a baby with a tattoo saying 'Thug Life' will go down really well in the Costa del Sol.

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff

Geli Baff is, quite simply, disgusting. If you would like to fill a paddling pool with slime and let your children hurl it at everything and everyone in sight, then this is the perfect home and holiday accessory. The staff at your resort will probably try to oust you before the end of the week, so make sure you're ready for unpleasantness in the bar in the evening.

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