By Vicky Anscombe on 03 February 2015

Ever hear the phrase 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?'

Of course you have; it's common practice for everyone who visits the city to brag relentlessly about their holiday upon their return home, even if they did nothing naughty. For some people, this might be raiding the minibar and replacing all the spirits with tap water, but even so. We're digressing.

This glitzy area of Nevada is hugely popular. Why, exactly? Because it offers all the essentials needed for a brilliant trip; here's our short and sweet guide to making the most of your time there.


Many things spring to mind when people mention Las Vegas, but gambling would certainly take the top answer on Family Fortunes. The city's famous 'strip' is dominated by casinos, most of which operate on the bottom floors of luxurious hotels.

Casinos can be found in nearly every hotel, with the gambling spots at Caesars Palace and MGM Grand among the most highly regarded. From sports betting and roulette right the way to blackjack and high-stakes poker, there's something for everyone.

Ask anyone that knows their blacks from their reds; you can never consider yourself a fully-fledged gambler unless you've come home with a Las Vegas casino chip.


If you haven't already heard a fair few stories about the nightlife in Las Vegas, the best advice would be to brace and pace yourself.

Marquee nightclub is perhaps the best example of what Vegas offers in this capacity. Boasting multiple floors and rooms, a rooftop pool complete with mermaids and a spacious lounge area for that all-important breather at midnight, there's few places that can match Marquee when the sun tucks in.

Rain is also worth a mention - its 25,000 square foot area and elevated dance floor making it a worthy competitor to Marquee. Still, even if you don't feel like putting on your dancing shoes, there's no shortage of bars and restaurants for you to enjoy on a more relaxed evening.


So, that's the evenings taken care of, but what about the day? Look no further than a visit to the Grand Canyon; king of the bucket list and one of the most well-recognised landmarks in the world.

Then there's the mock Eiffel Tower - a dead ringer for the real thing - and the spectacular fountains outside the Bellagio Fountains. Vegas is packed with sights to see, so it's best to choose the ones that suit your group best rather than attempt to get round them all.


Chicken, ribs, burgers, steaks the size of your head; most hotels in Las Vegas serve up these meals as part of their all-you-can-eat buffets. You can find this fodder in just about every significant place on the strip, usually right next to a shopping mall, in case you need a refuel.

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Photo Credit: Boston Public Library

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