By Vicky Anscombe on 15 March 2016

This Wednesday, Columbus Direct will be using a new virtual reality platform to bring skiing expertise to anyone who’s looking to improve their skills.

Our brand ambassador Chemmy Alcott and her husband Dougie Crawford will be conducting the virtual reality ski lesson at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

Using 360 virtual reality cameras, we’ll be capturing all the speed and thrills of the slopes, and it’s your chance to have a ‘private’ skiing lesson with Chemmy and Dougie. This is a great way to experience private tuition on a 360 scale - and it’s set to be a truly immersive experience.

Chemmy, Dougie and our competition winner Jenny will be taking the lesson on March 16, and we’re hoping to have the first of the videos uploaded later this this month. We’ll also be launching a one-of-a-kind competition, where eagle-eyed viewers have to spot our secret message.

Prizes remain top secret for now, but we can say this - we’ll be featuring goodies from Jack Wolfskin and The Lakes Distillery. Plus, our travel insurance will be up for grabs!

We’ll have some more details online soon, so please visit the Columbus Direct blog for more information, or check our social media accounts. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are the best place to read all of our latest news.

Chemmy skiing

Chemmy and Dougie are eager to be part of the virtual reality ski lesson, and they’re keen to showcase as many tips and tricks as they can. “I’m hoping we can make a virtual reality video lesson that people will want to watch again and again,” said Chemmy. “I’ve always loved people who push boundaries when they’re using their action cameras on the mountains; Dougie and I can’t wait to see how the finished virtual reality experience looks.”

Alison Wild, Head of Marketing at Columbus Direct, is equally thrilled.

“Our innovative new virtual reality campaign is going to really impress sports fans, and will appeal to skiers in particular. This unique way of capturing the feel of the slopes is so exciting - and I know that our audience will relish the chance to have a ‘private lesson’ with Chemmy and Dougie!” she said.

Columbus Direct travel insurance for skiers and snowboarders is a great way to help you feel secure on the slopes. Remember that it’s wise to stay alert if you’re using an action camera, and be aware of your surroundings and other people on the piste.”

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