By Dale Western on 16 August 2013

It’s that time of year when you need to refresh your attitude by getting outdoors and partaking in a challenging activity. In Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja Peninsulav in Mexico they have 300 to 350 days of sunshine a year and you really can keep yourself busy here. There are more outdoor activities to choose from than flavours at Ben & Jerry’s.

Being surrounded by azure blue and turquoise water on three sides and a mountain range on the other, Los Cabos is the perfect destination for almost anything. Let me list a just few.

Top activities include golf, horseback riding, a camel safari, 4WD desert exploration, discovering waterfalls and canyons, mountain biking, and zip lining. On the ocean you can whale watch, swim with dolphins, snorkel, and scuba dive, go fishing, and go to Lovers Beach or Divorce Beach!

A group of girls recently went for a weekend away and decided they would make it a bit glam, staying in a plush hotel. Their choice of activity was CABO SUP – stand up paddling, getting quite a workout considering the strong currents around that day. The girls paddled to the Los Cabos famous rock arches, headed to Lovers Beach and crossed from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean.

For an authentic experience they headed to Todos Santos, a historic Mexican town an hour away, to find the original Hotel California. Full of paintings, sculptures and exotic plants, the hotel feels like a gallery, although one where you can enjoy a mango margarita and traditional Mexican food.

Move your muscles and refresh your days by packing in as many or as few activities as you can handle, enjoy the abundance of hot night spots,  and finish with a sunset cruise on your last night. Pack your shorts, your sandals and your sunnies, and don’t forget your travel insurance.

Read about Mrs O and her friends experience on her blog.

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