By Dale Western on 06 September 2012

Forecasters are warning that slow-moving tropical storm, Leslie, could pack powerful winds as it approaches the British territory. According to The Bermuda Weather Service, the storm trajectory will bring it within 20 to 40 miles of the island early morning on Sunday 9 September (FCO Travel Advice).

Bermuda could experience the forceful winds of the hurricane for a sustained period of up to two days. Leslie could become a Category 2 hurricane, packing winds of more than 96 mph, by Friday (  Hence people on the island have been advised to complete their preparations by the evening of Friday, 7 September.

Bermuda’s South Shore beaches have been closed and the local authorities are strongly advising people against entering the water (FCO Travel Advice).

Monitor the progress of storms on the National Hurricane Center website at

Travellers are advised to monitor local weather advisories and contact local authorities or tour representative to check travel arrangements.

Due to the recent hurricane, please note that the cut off time is 5 September 2012, 23.10 GMT therefore policyholders whose policy was purchased after this date will not be covered under the policy for Travel Delay, Abandonment, or Missed Departure as a direct or indirect result of the hurricane. Please note that the airlines should make themselves responsible for offering clients alternate flights / compensation for additional accommodation and so these elements would not be covered under the policy.

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