If you’re reading this page, then we’re assuming you’re not planning on spending your entire holiday lying on a beach topping up your tan.

Adventure Travel Insurance is for those seeking an adrenaline rush that’s not normally encountered with reading a book under a palm tree, although you do have to watch out for the coconuts! You will be automatically covered for a number of sports and activities as standard with all our policies, whether you fancy abseiling, canoeing or trying hot air ballooning.

The list of adventure sports and activities you’ll be insured for is laid out in the policy documentation. It’s really important you check to see if you’re covered for the activities you plan to do when you head off on your travels. If your taste for adventure stretches beyond the 150 or so on offer, you can add further pursuits to your plan by phoning one of our team on 0800 068 0060. They will ensure you are properly protected, so you can enter into your thrill seeking adventures knowing you’ve got the right insurance in place.

The risk of injury when you decide to embark on an adrenaline-fuelled activity is not to be ignored, for many, that’s part of the attraction. If you want to do the Sydney Bridge Walk, bungee jump off a crane or go trekking in Nepal, there is a part of you that knows you’re pushing yourself to the limit and that’s where the thrill lies. Taking considered, inevitable risks intrinsic with the activity is one thing; risking your future by not being adequately insured if the worst were to happen, well that’s quite another. We don’t want to find you in that situation, so let Columbus be there for you, just in case ostrich riding isn’t as easy as you thought.


If you are seeking cover for particularly hazardous sports or activities, then we will do our best to accommodate you. All our policies can incorporate adventure travel, including our annual travel insurance. This way, you have a choice regarding your duration of stay and whether you want to be covered for multi-trips abroad. You will also stand to benefit from all the usual cover available with our plans, such as lost baggage, stolen money, cancellation and curtailment of trips etc.

If you’re looking to do winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, we provide cover for that to. So, go out there and savour the adrenaline rush, just take us with you when you jump out the plane!

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