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Food's great. And there's so much of the delicious stuff available around the world, it's no wonder that food's such a passion for most of us.

Many want to combine this love of food with our holidays, and whether you're interested in food festivals, food holidays or food events, the following are a celebration of the good, the bad and the downright bizarre in the world of food. This week, we introduce you to six of the strangest food events from across the globe...

Get your melon skis on

The first event on our list is the relatively tame, but nevertheless weird. It's the Chinchilla Melon Festival, which takes place in the Australian town of Chinchilla. There is, in fact, very little actual eating of melons going on here, and one of the main features is the melon skiing, where participants put their feet into melons and then ski across a tarpaulin covered in a melon and soap purée. Delightful.

Wearing wine rather than drinking it

Wine lovers look away now, as the thought of using wine as ammunition will be seen as nothing short of sacrilegious. This is not the case for those who travel to Haro in Spain every year to take part in the Wine Fight, and let’s be honest, the Spanish have plenty of wine to spare.

This is a fun festival that can quickly get very competitive. Think paintballing with wine, and you have some idea of the dynamic. Top tip - don't drink beforehand if you want to make it through the evening; it's easy to lose track of how much wine is in your system!

1024Px Batalla Del Vino Haro La Rioja Edit 300X225

Ketchup with that?

One of the most famous of all the crazy food festivals is La Tomatina, where thousands of people flood the streets of the Spanish town of Bunol and pelt each other with tomatoes. Considered by many to be the ultimate food fight, La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday of every August and people come from the four corners of the globe to embark on a free-for-all which sees over 100 tons of overripe tomatoes used as ammunition.

Even though it is strictly forbidden to tear anyone's clothes, you will see many topless men and a few women wallowing in the red juices that run like a river down the streets of this tomato-mad town.

Get to grips with nature at the Wildfoods Festival

Ever fancied learning how to cook a possum? Really? Then head off to the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitka, New Zealand. This is a celebration of the diversity of wildlife that exists on the west coast of the South Island, and where locals come together to show off their unusual cookery skills. You will see everything at this festival, from ninja turtles in the strangest attire to ice cream made from fish larvae. How wonderful.

Wildfoods Edit 2 300X271

Veggie feast meets slasher movie

Phuket in Thailand is home to one of the most gastronomically-pleasing festivals in the world. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes purging yourself to a whole new level, with an incredible selection of vegan delicacies that will captivate even the most zealous meat eater. The food is available day and night, so don't feel that you have to cram it all in when you first arrive.

This abstinence from meat is only the start; some who attend take part in bizarre rituals such as as walking over hot coals with bare feet, climbing ladders that have bladed rungs and taking a bath in hot oil. Watch out for the people forcing various sharp implements through the cheeks of their faces. They certainly know how to party.

Oyster Festival. Well, sort of

You may want to do your research before heading off to Montana for the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival as you will be disappointed if you're expecting a celebration of sea food when you arrive. There is not an oyster in sight, or a prawn for that matter, as this is a festival dedicated to the eating of testicles. Cow testicles.

You see, they're seen as a delicacy around these parts, and you can try them battered, deep fried and served with a cocktail sauce. These cowboys take their testicle events seriously, and one of the main features is the speed contest to see who can eat the most in the shortest time - and keep them down.

The fun doesn't stop just yet - read Part 2 of The World's Strangest Food events here.

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