By Editor on 12 November 2015

The ski season has started, and resorts all over Europe are awaiting their yearly influx of ski enthusiasts.

Tempted to take off? Get ready for the slopes in no time by using our Brand Ambassador Chemmy Alcott's set of tried and tested exercises. They're especially good if you'd like to dedicate the whole day to skiing, and you're not ready to break your stride for taking a rest.

Chemmy competed in the Winter Olympics in 2014, and these videos show how she kept her strength up before the competition.

Pah, rests. Taking a rest is for wimps! (Seriously though, don't over-exert yourself, it'll only lead to trouble.)

Skiing holidays often go by too fast. One way to maximise your actual ski time is by training in a high altitude environment before you go. Chemmy does it to keep her fitness levels up and to stay used to the high altitudes, and recommends it for skiers who find they are having to stop and take breaks all the time, especially if they are feeling sick or getting headaches on the slopes.

"If you want to be ready to ski the whole mountain all day long, you can come to the Altitude Centre, do a few sessions before you go, get your lungs used to breathing that restricted oxygen, which means you'll get more out of your holiday," she says.

Chemmy and Performance Specialist, Alex, talk to us through the range of benefits.

Are you taking someone who needs a few lessons to improve their technique and confidence? Another way to maximise time on the slopes is to practice before you leave. Skiplex indoor ski slopes offer revolving slopes that are made of carpet-like material, softer than dry slopes, where you can change the speed and gradient to suit your needs.

Need more hints and tips on getting geared up for the slops? No sweat; we've got loads more advice from Chemmy here.

Unsurprisingly, Chemmy loves the start of winter; if you don't, find out how to embrace it here.

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