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Get the inside story on The Arctic V’s journey to the starting line

By Vicky Anscombe

They trained. Hard. They flew. For miles. And then they smashed The Arctic Circle Race (well, as hard as the terrible weather conditions allowed). But nobody knows the inside story on their journey to the starting line...yet.

Chemmy, Max, Richard, Chris and Adam left the UK on March 16 and flew to Denmark for the first leg of their journey before heading to Greenland to prepare for the race, which was from March 20-22.

But what did they get up to in those nerve-racking pre-race days? Here, we reveal how they coped with the build-up, the food they packed, the team’s dynamic and, er, what they were reading on their flights. That book looks like a real page-turner, Adam. And it’s about a 72-year-old, you say?

Of course, this isn't the end of the story - we’ve got behind-the-scenes footage of the race itself, and exclusive chats with the gang which show just how tough the race was. There’ll be tears. There’ll be laughter. And there’ll almost definitely be footage of people falling over. Watch this space over the next few days for more exclusive videos of the gang.

Scroll down to watch all of the videos.

Part 1: Snow backing out now! The Arctic V's journey started here - but how were they feeling? Nervous? Excited? And did the group blame Richard for getting them into this situation? Find out here...

Part 2: The adventure takes off! Follow The Arctic V as they fly to Greenland and start their epic adventure. Watch out for Adam raving about his in-flight reading material. 'It's about a 72-year-old.' Note the hand actions the group use when they're waxing their skis. And note how cheery they are before the race of their lives.

Part 3: Going hell for weather: Take a good, hard look at the conditions that the team had to deal with. Think you could manage three days racing in this?

Part 4: It's on! The group have the right foods, the right equipment and the right attitude. Surely The Arctic Circle Race won't be able to beat them?

Part 5: Day one of the race: The team set off with a song in their hearts and wax on their skis. However, there are tumbles waiting to be taken, groins to be sprained and tempers to be tested. Will all the liquid Haribo on offer see them through?

Part 6: Days two and three of the race: Day one might have looked easy, but days two and three will push The Arctic V to their limit. Exhaustion, broken skis and adverse weather conditions take their toll; but will they complete the race?

Part 7: Taking a look back: Imagine sweating so much your pores freeze. Or struggling to drink. How about falling over in the snow, time after time, as you struggle to keep up with the rest of your team? The Arctic V went through all of this - and more. This is their final team talk.

Part 8: A round-up - and a look at the future: It's been a rollercoaster ride - and The Arctic V will never forget their adventure in Greenland. However, this is just the beginning of their time together - and here's what you can expect from them next...


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