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Guilt-free sweet treats for athletes in training

By Max Willcocks

If you’re training for a sporting event, you’ll be no stranger to dedication, discipline, early nights and healthy eating. But even the most focused of athletes will occasionally look at some chocolate and think 'I am fairly tempted right now.'

Luckily, Max Willcocks is on hand to tell us about some healthy treats that athletes enjoy when temptation’s in the offing...

"Without a doubt, the main focus for us as endurance athletes is to make sure we get on board enough calories, It’ll help us make the most of our training and to help recovery, so that we can continue to train at our best. However, there are a couple of treats that we can use to supplement our diets that won’t completely ruin all the hard work that goes into training."

Max Willcocks

Here are the foods that Max recommends...

Bananas and peanut butter: Peanut butter is a good source of protein and also high in fat. Protein is required to help repair muscle damage caused during exercise, and bananas contain fructose, which helps replenish the glycogen stores which get depleted during exercises. It’s a great post-training snack.

Porridge with honey: For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, the best way to keep this at bay is to make sure your insulin levels remain constant and you avoid any spikes. To do this, you should focus on eating low GI foods. Porridge is a perfect breakfast snack and honey is a good source of monosaccharides, which can be easily used for energy.This is a perfect pre-training morning breakfast.

Coffee: Often in the health and fitness world, coffee can be construed as being counter -productive. However, it is a good source of caffeine which as a simulate can help you get through tough training sessions. It’s especially good for long endurance sessions; a short shot of espresso can be the hit that finally gets you over the line.

Eggs: For a full meal, eggs are great. They’re not not necessarily considered a treat, but who doesn’t love a good helping of scrambled eggs? Each egg usually contains roughly 6g of protein, and combined with some organic grass feed butter, you have yourself a healthy, tasty side for most dinners.


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